Want to learn Third Strike...Don't know where to start


Yo! First time post,

I really wanna get into Third Strike but I don’t know where to start, I heard its a totally different beast from SF4 and SF5 so I would like to know of any resources to learn the game and how to be good at it. I used to play a lot SF4 and starting to play SF5 but I really want to properly know how to play Third Strike.

I’d appreciate the help.




his character primers are a good start!

if you have questions you can try this forum or the Third Strike Junkies facebook group, or the Third Strike Europe facebook group. both groups are much more active than this forum

there is still a lot of old threads dating back over 15 years in this forum with good information, you just have to be willing to dig


the srk wiki used to have quite a lot of info on it.
the ai will teach you enough that you get the foundation of the game. so just play through the game a lot and have fun with it.


I’ll tell you everything I’m the best


You can play the game for free on fightcade. I’d start there until you get a feel for it, then start asking for guidance. Most people will rake you over the coals, but still lots of new players coming in all the time.

As far as wikis go, I’ve used the SRK wiki a lot. But for advanced strats I just ask better players and watch old videos of the pros.