Want to main Guile, but a lot of things bother me

I like the idea of his playstyle and his character design, but I hear Capcom really nerfed him in Street Fighter IV. Just reading the Guile wishlist for SFIV dash thread scared me off from using him. However, to me launching a projectile and then deciding what to do next seems like a playstyle that is appealing oddly. Last, I’m looking to hopefully go to tournaments in the future. Unfortunately, I’m gonna just take a lucky guess and say Guile has a lot of problems that severely handicap him compared to other characters at the highest level I assume? Could anyone provide any thoughts on this please? Thanks in advance.

No offense, but would it kill you to give him a try? It sounds like you never picked him before

No offense taken. Also, I’ve picked him before, but never really actually tried playing him.

Guile is bottom tier in the game. Because the game is so balanced, that does NOT mean he is a bad character. For example, Guile (bottom tier) has only a slight disadvantage vs. Ryu and Akuma (top tier). He does have a really bad match vs Sagat, though.

I would suggest you don’t main Guile (keep him as a secondary at best) because even if he can be good, this is only if you can play really well. You can’t give your opponent an inch, and have to turtle out your opponent’s mixups when they get in. If you fail to do any of this and lose a big chunk of life, it’s almost impossible to come back against a good player. He just isn’t a beginner friendly character. There are other, easier fireball characters in this game who have backup plans if the keepaway doesn’t work out.

You’re welcome to try, though. Things you should keep in mind when playing Guile:

Good Moves:
LP Sonic Boom is spammably good.
EX sonic boom is great because it is so fuckin fast.
Cr. MK is good.
Cr. HP is your main anti-air, EX flash kick can also be very nice, but try to anti-air with normals to save the meter.
F+MP is an overhead. It is okay.

Bad Moves:
Flash kick SUCKS. Don’t do it on wakeup against a jump-in. Don’t do it on wakeup against anything if you don’t have two meters to focus cancel out of it, it is really unsafe. This is the number one mistake many Guile players make. When you get knocked down, just try to block and tech throws.

Cr. HK sucks because people can hit you in between the two kicks.

Good luck.


guile is tight man. play him. dont be scared it just takes some time to get his links down. I never understood why people say he’s as bad as they make him sound. he’s got everything you need. you can play him defensively and aggressively. if you can play well with him you can play other characters easier because everyone else’s links are easier.

Guile is fun to play once you learn how to hide his charging. You really have to stay on your toes with all opponents and just figure out how to deal with them all in different ways. He’s a worker but very rewarding to play as.

Something else to add to his good list is his f. feirce. That punch has excellent range and you can surprise some folk with that if they try to walk in a little too close if you don’t have a boom ready.
Another good move is his air throw. Time that with your booms and you can catch a few people with that.

On the bad side, his ultra does suck. Hard to pull off, hard to connect, hardly no setup outside of super > ultra or FA > ultra. But in a way it’s good because if you don’t use it for the longest time in a match, they start thinking they don’t have to be worried about it.

Play with whomever you feel comfortable with. Majority of the battle is learning from your mistakes and adapting to them appropriately. Such is the case for any character you choose.

I can’t stand Guile’s character design. Deep down inside I do like the way he plays but his super low damage is a turn off for me in IV.

guile is gdlk. just pick him.

i forgot to mention the same thing. Standing Fierce and Air Throw make him siick once you get those moves down you catch a lot of people off guard. Also Cancelling after a standing fierce, dashing in for a grab or another link works great. The target combo is very useful also. The ultra can hit anytime you crumple someone with a Focus Attack so thats mainly how i get people with it. You also gotta learn about charge buffering and the alternate way of doing his specials so you can take him farther. so there you go…nice balanced character. his damage is good if you poke with hard hits like standing fierce. i sock foos like 4 or 5 times in a round and it takes a lot.

All valid points. But he’s so badass!

The Sagat match up is tough (a good Sagat anyway), everyone else isn’t that hard to get by, IMO.

My main, my dude, my roll dawg: Guile.

Who have you been using? I would assume Akuma based on your avatar. Anyway Guile is a really advance character simply because he’s so reliant on spacing, and his effectiveness relies a lot on how well you know your matchups.

I will say that while his damage in general can be low, it can add up really quickly. A good Guile will generally be able to force people into a lot of mistakes. That’s the mindset you need when you use Guile. He isn’t so much getting in there and taking the fight to the opponent, but moving people out of position and capitalizing on it. Smarter players will recongnize these setups, so you have to be really creative with Guile.

The saving grace about Guile is his normals though. He has some of the best normals in the game. These should be your go to normals.

cr.lp - good for fakes, timing sonic boom characters, flashkick setups, and stuffing a lot of attacks. Almost always safe to throw out in close range. Do not rapid fire them though, they aren’t like boxer cr.lp.

cr.mp - best in combos, you can link his flashkicks and his sonic booms off of it. Serves as a moderately good poke, but better use for punisher.

cr.mk - This is a controversal move amongst Guile players. You’ll see some Guile players abuse it and other who don’t. This move is probably one of of his better crouching attack. It has decent range. It’s a good move, but it’s not goodlike. It’s good for mid range zoning though, and stop a lot of people from ground pursuits.

st. FP - Good poke. Does good damage, fast startup, unpunishable on block as well. Stuffs a lot of attacks, has really good range as well. In certain situations you can link two together. you can’t abuse it, but you can throw it out safely MOST of the time.

Okay, or moderately decent pokes. These pokes are okay, but should be used sparingly.

f.FP - Again, you’ll see some Guile players abuse this and some who don’t. It has some advantages over st.FP, because it has more range. It can’t hit ducking opponents though. In a lot of cases it does recovery so it’s not very punishable. Though abuse of it can be less safe than st.FP

f.RK - Decent poke, but only if you are within range and you are punishing someone’s missed ground poke. It’s sometimes fine against shotos missed cr.mk.

st.lk -   Hits low and stops a lot of ground pokes.  This move isn't used as much because you can't buffer sonic booms off of it.  Still a really good poke against certain characters like Blanka or Dhalsim.

cr.rk -  Not good but not bad.  Again, can't be abused.   It's good for punishing whiff mid attacks from opponents and it scores knockdowns, allowing you to reset the distance.

Generally, the first thing you should work on with Guile is his ground game. I believe his ground game is GOOD, but a little less easy mode than shoto ground game. He has some of the best footsies in the game, but he has a lot of normals, that you need to have a good understanding off during real matches.

Secondly you have to work on his zoning game. Again, this is one aspect of Guile that has yet to be mastered by even high level players. You will see a lot of Japanese players who aren’t that great at zoning with Guile. Only Yazu (a rarely seen player) seem to have a nearly perfect zoning game. Dagger G also has a really good zoning game.

Anyway, I know you’re only considering him, but keep in mind you will not get results as fast with Guile. Guile requires a lot of experience to be used effectively, and this can be discouraging for newbies.

I suggest watching match videos. This is what I would recommend.

pokes and footsies

Yoshiwo( most popular Guile, has a good ground game, and make good use of pokes)

Fujisawa(very tricky and entertaining Guile, really good with combos as well)

Fuson 909 (superior ground game, has an aggressive style)

Zoning and space control

Yazu (throws 1 million sonic booms a match)
Dagger G (Really good zoning techniques as well)
Matsu (status unknown, but there are old vids of him.  Really good with anti-airs, and spaces things out in matches well).

Anyway I probably made this post longer than is necessary. But I thought I would try to lead you in the right direction. Plus I might as well give my best pitch to anyone wanting to roll with Guile.


His Ultra is what really set him back from serious tournament play. It’s hard to connect his ultra safely, and his ultra does shit damage if the opponent is airborne. So you really have to outplay your opponent and earn the win. His super and ultra are the same shit, they should really give him a Sonic Boom super move a la Shinkuu Sonic Boom.


Guile is a workin folk, like us workin people. Just workin.

I could drop my opinion, but others have already said what I was planning on saying and they said it better than I could.

Playing Guile is like playing any other low tier character in any other game:

You have to work harder, know the match ups better, and be even more on point than your opponent. Your love for the character has to outweigh his/her handicaps, and I don’t know about the rest of these guys, but I got love for the family man in spades (I’ve been playing him since I was like 7 and couldn’t do a fireball yet).

Thankfully, compared to other fighting games where there are D and F tiers, Guile is (arguably) low B, mid C tier, which means he ain’t THAT bad. Like many other players have said, SF4 is Capcom’s BEST first attempt at balancing a Street Fighter game in its first iteration.

Thanks for all the responses everyone. Going to give Guile a try then. Just one last thing bothers me though…My friend mains Abel and I hear that’s one of Guile’s worst matchups. X_X

Abel makes Guile work pretty hard for a win, but that is hardly unique: you always have to work for the win when you are playing Guile. Abel is hard to deal with, but not the worst matchup out there either.

Abel isn’t too bad. Save your meter for safe flash kicks, play footsies with him, when you get a knockdown, rush.

Here’s a short list of characters off the top of my head that give guile more problems than abel:
Rog (imo, safe rog is so good, i don’t think this is 5/5 anymore. He has the best normals in the game. His jump fierce closes distance for free on guile at certain distances. He has high stamina, high damage.)

Thanks. Sagat’s his worst matchup right?