Want to meet new people to play with :)


Sup guys :slight_smile: I’m new around here, well I’ve known about this website for quite some time now. But anyways, I just recently got an arcade stick, I’ve had it for about 2-3 weeks now, I’d say I’ve gotten better with it, but I would like to have someone to practice with and can give me a few pointers. Especially the characters I use. My best character is Deadpool, second best would be Wesker and third best is Doom. That’s my team basically.

But anyways, I just wanna meet some people here to play with, I mean I play online here and there but the people there play as if they don’t care. No combos, nothing… just jump and “A” with ghost rider or hulk along with keep away the whole game, no, I want to practice with good people. Thanks :slight_smile: not sure if this is something I shouldn’t be posting o.o


You should probably find the appropriate region for you and post there, people won’t check a topic that has no actual location int he title. You didn’t even state your location in your post :confused: