Want to mod Hori Ex2 - tips needed

Hey ppl, im new around, been watching the forums for some time though. I just got me a hori ex2 some days ago, because after all the research i thought it was the best choice in terms of price/performance that i could afford.
Anyway i am already thinking of getting some parts for modding it, but thats my problem, im new to this stuff and i hope y’all can help :wink:

what i wanted to know is what sanwa buttons are easier to install on this stick (screw-ins or snap-ins) and what model, cuz of the size of the button holes. The reason for asking this is cuz i didnt want to modify the holes where the stock hori buttons are, but if i have to… hell with it anyway…
Last question is, are any sanwa JLF’s fittable(spelling?) in the hori without having to swap shafts?

Thanx in advance for your time:wgrin:
(sorry for any grammar or syntatic errors, not my main language)


That’s the way I did it. Had no real problems. Kinda winged it at some points but that’s a very good guide to look at.

thanx for the reply =)

i’ve seen all tutorials around including that one and in all of them they allways mentioned that they had to enlarge the holes wich is a bummer. in that tutorial the nut beneath the balltop worried me in terms of gameplay cuz of the way i grab it, it wold certanly not be confortable.

The easiest joystick to fit (actually the only one that will fit without extensive modification) is the Seimitsu LS-33 which is mounted directly below the surface similar to an LS-32 except smaller, unlike a JLF (or LS-55/56 for Seimitsu sticks) which requires that about 7-8mm of metal shaft be below the surface tp get the correct height entire shaft of the stick is above the control panel. you might have to drill holes in the metal control panel and attackh to that). I am recommending this stick over others as larger joysticks such as the Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32 will have problems involving the actuator which will reduce performance. The only real problem with the LS-33 is that the spring is very light but you can put in an LS-56 spring if you want to make the joystick stiffer.

For buttons, Sanwa OSBF 30 are the best around. These are snap-in since you will be using a metal control panel. You will have to file the button holes a bit (the holes are 28mm while Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons are 30mm). If you want to use quick disconnects (recommended), then you will have to bend the metal prongs that they attach to. If you don’t want to bend the metal prongs, then you can solder or use the much thinner Seimitsu PS-15 buttons, which will allow you to attach quick disconnects without bending the prongs at a loss of performance but any Sanwa or Seimitsu button is still leagues beyond the knock Hori buttons the stick comes stock with.

bingo, my samurai friend thats what i wanted to hear thank you very muxxx
(guess ill have to drill after all =Z)

Edit: Hey, something popped into my mind now about the holes. to allocate the sanwas do i have to just enlarge the hole? Wont the sanwas be too close to each other, or the outside size of the button is standart?

It may slightly deviate from the standard Astro City layout but you’ll be fine.

just now i was sniffing around the thread of the new hori stick with sanwa components and akihabara shop m8 mentioned that those are sanwa 28mm snap-ins, if thats true then i woldnt have to drill to acomodate those right?
(cant figure out if hes refering to the 6 buttons or the start buttons only :Z guess those are a bit small)

uh he ment to say 30mm. The stick also uses Sanwa 24mm buttons for the start and select buttons. You won’t have to drill. Just get a curved metal file and file away until the buttons fit.

oh k, thought so, thanx again =)

i recommend using a dremmel instead of a file to widen the holes. also recommend to wire the 4 buttons that are on the u-shaped pcb.

ugh this mod was a pain!!

i take it from ur response that u already modded one of these, wold u mind showing me the end results =P?

Does anyone know what size the start button holes are?

Hori Ex 2 uses Hori stock buttons, which I think are 30mm?

nah the buttons the fighting stick line uses are 28mm. The T5 and HRAP lines use 30 mm knockoffs. I want to know what size the small start buttons on the EX2 are so I can make one fully Sanwa/Seimitsu.

i dont have a way to measure it, dont have a scale with me but i wold say about 10-12 mm holes; i think the smallest sanwa makes is 16mm buttons =Z

Edit: hey im about to order some stuff to anticipate my will to mod the ex2, so i need to clarify one thing do i have to order the screw adapter to fit a sanwa balltop on it like the mod with the bat top or that is bat top exclusive?
order list:
6 sanwa OBSF-30 Snap In green buttons
1 white sanwa ball-top
1 Sanwa GT-8F square restrictor

should i change something =?

You can use #10 washers to lengthen the hori shaft underneath the ball top. You have to screw them on, so you gonna need a flat head screw driver to twist the shaft on the bottom while hold the washer in place with pliers or something and use a tiny piece of cloth or something so you don’t scratch up the washer while holding it.

Thanx for the info;)