Want to pick up Juri.. I would appreciate some tips



Hey buds I am a Guile player, and I want to pick up Juri… and since it would be such a change in pace from standing back and throwing Sonic Booms and throwing back knuckles, to a rush down character… I would really like some tips and some help from some Juri players on what to look out for, or what to do, what not to do, how to use her moveset correctly, just what to do when playing this character thanks <3


Juri is not a rushdown character. She is a zoner that can occaisonally do small bursts of rushdown. Almost all of her normals are useful in some way (far HP and close HK are the least useful, in my opinion). Practice using them, find their ranges. They’re important.

Practice anti-airs. Anti-air EVERY TIME.

Get comfortable holding fireballs down while doing everything else.


What Void said. To add to it, try playing her like Guile. She can zone like no other, but you need to know when its safe to store. Like Void said AA is a big part of Juri’s game. Take away their option to walk in as well and you can win a lot of fights just because you opponent gets frustrated.

If you know any Sagats or Ryus, hit them up for practice. IMO those are both 5/5 MUs that teach you spacing and punish you hard for being wrong…


Thanks :smiley: I will heed this advice :slight_smile: <3


Get the opponent to walk themselves into the corner. Juri has amazing corner control tools.

I suppose this is a universal comment for any character, but worth mentioning. Pay attention to where you’re standing on screen. Most beginning Juri players backdash to fullscreen and start throwing fireballs. I argue that standing between about 2 to 4 sweep distances out from most of the cast is much better since it shifts the dependency of just fireballs to include her pokes/normals. If you can’t upleg a fireball from that distance on reaction, start working on that against Sagat or Ryu players like stormdetonation said.

Also please, for the love of god, don’t become a “divekick-Juri” player. I’ll just debunk this right now: you will NEVER get a godlike divekick read on anyone other than new players standing at midscreen. Instead, learn to IA divekick to punish fireballs. Those are guaranteed if you work on them enough.

Get the opponent to jump at you because that’s free damage (seriously, most her anti-airs will not trade if you are good about them).

Finally, I have to mention FSE because it’s a special case (if you intend to use it). Learn her optimal damage combos in FSE, and get used to confirming light buttons immediately into the optimal stuff. Yes, that is her comeback factor, but only if you make the most out of it and are consistent. BigNastyKail has the best video series on this topic–just search for “Technology Tree Juri” and it comes up immediately.

Good luck! :slight_smile: