Want to play against Non God Tier players?

Well me personally, I dont understand why use the exact characters over and over when there are so many characters to play as. So I want to start this thread for anyone who wants to play against people who dont use all god and top tiers.

I play with some people under a “set of rules” of you can use 1 god tier if you like. I enjoy playing alot of the low tier and mid characters. So if this sounds like you and your interested hit me up on xboxlive at:


Let me know your from the site.

(cant wait to get flammed for this thread)

There are so many 09’ers that you won’t get flamed.

Times are a changin

Meh. short bus rules.

God damn it.

Have you ever considered that storm/sentinal/etc might be the funnest characters in the game?

magneto/storm/psylocke/ironman are damn fun. they’re like the main reason I even play this game

You won’t get flamed, you just don’t understand the mind games that make it fun. Fun isn’t limited to just playing different characters, everyone has a different meaning of “fun”. I’ll tell you why I personally think top tier is fun–you can’t miss anything which forces you to play perfectly, and I like to think and try to react fast so obviously the characters that can cover the most ground fastest are the top tier characters. But there are a bunch of other reasons why top tier is fun.


When I was first learning the game back in '07 (yeah WAY LATE in the game), the people I saw playing this game was playing storm/sent, or mag/storm. And from there I was hooked. Funny everyone learns cable when they are first learning to play the game competitively because has basic keep away, rush down, zoning tactics…I said freak that, Storm is the hotness. But yeah not to derail thread anymore.

How is playing top tier not fun?!

how am i suppose to get better if i dont learn to defend against top tier?

Anyone up for some low-mid tier marvel on xbox live? hit me up

I will send you a request tonight I play a good variety of characters. If you see me on marvel dont be shy to join the party or send an invite. My gamertag is OZGFIVE

I’m barely on, but when i do get on add me.

XBL: Cee Dizzy

Just know that some games, I’m picking Strider/Servebot/xxxx to train my Strider, so don’t get mad. I play Jin/Guile/Iceman, Amingo/Thanos/Jin (credit goes to Preppy for this team, its really good for a low tier team), Team Z, CapAm/SS/Zangief and Gambit/Wolvie/Cyclops (I can also play with top tiers, but not my best attribute lol). I am very universal with low tier, so add me for some low tier.

Disclaimer: There will probably be spamming with the Amingo team lol.

hahaha all good man. As long as I dont have a sent. over me flying assisting endless, tri-jump mag,or a stay in the top left corner throw demons endless, blackheart… all good

LOL at this thread. im not gonna lie. when i started back in 01-02 with this game. i used all low tier characters. now when the game came to PS3 and everybody used all the god characters i got pissed becaused i got beat cause they “Cheated” because the low tiers didnt have double jumps, air dashes, and SJ cancels. but i said hell with it ill learn them. and till then its fun. using Cable, Storm, Magneto.

and yes cable is CHEAP.

lol many lows have double and triple jumps, air dashes, and nearly everyone has sjcs…

where are storms, mags, sents, and cables double jumps? hell, most of the top tier don’t have double jumps…just strider I think.

cable and sentinel can air dash? strider, spiral?

You know he meant air mobility beats. Characters ability to have a solid air game does seem pretty necessary for fighting against the god tiers. Catching storm without extra air mobility even for Cable can be the sadness. :frowning:

no. I saw EXACTLY WHAT HE WROTE. he made it very specific and so I called it out rolls eyes

hell, chun li and some other lows have some of the best air mobility in the game…and it don’t mean shit

My main team that i’ve been using for YEARS is Bison/Charlie/Storm, with Bison and Charlie being characters i genuinely like. I don’t really like storm though she is only there for back-up to level the playing field.

Her projectile assist is great for giving the other two much needed breathing room to work their magic, when i’m going up against all that Godtier cheese lol.

The team is also a good balanced compromise, so no one can whine about it being too “cheap” or overpowered.

I play Mag and I’M because their comics are awesome, and because Wolverine and Akuma’s defense doesn’t stand an ice cube’s chance in hell against anyone with an air combo. I say f.k the formalities and play whatever character you like. For instance. When this game came out in 2ooo, I had just bought Misadventures of Tron Bonne for PSX. The game was awesome, so I picked Tron up. I used her as an Anti-air assist for like a year, then I saw someone else use her on Projectile…been using that ever since. Am I a god-tier/Overpowered assist whore, or just someone who likes Marvel comics and a Playstation game?