Want to play Divekick with Michael Jai White, Mike Ross, and the Divekick Devs?



Hey guys! We’re 1337LoungeLive.com, and we wanted to let you guys know about a HUGE Divekick event on our Twitch stream this Friday. Starting at 9PM at 1337LoungeLive.com, we’ll be playing Divekick with Michael Jai White, Mike Ross, Maximilian, Tasty Steve, and more! And while they’re not playing, White and the gang will be chatting with you both through our twitch chat and to people joining is via webcam.

Here’s a youtube video that has some more details. Hope to see you all in the chat on Friday!:



This sounds very exciting!

Here’s a nice photo I found of Michael Jai White and Eliver Ling discussing their careers as martial artists and film actors.


I’ve heard that Mr. Ling actually has some background playing fighting games so it might be interesting to see how he takes to Divekick.


Nani? This actually got done?


Friday’s gonna be a blast!


Michael Jai White!?! OMGOMGOMG!!


I can barely wait to see Michael Jai White to be completely lost while playing Divekick


Was that trailer fucking made in Windows Movie Maker?

He was pretty good as Spawn. Too bad the movie sucked. Anime was bad ass though.


I like the Spawn movie, but Black Dynamite is where it’s at for Michael Jai White awesomeness.


Moving to the DiveKick forum. :slight_smile:


That’s the thing about Divekick though, there’s almost no barrier to entry. If you’re smart, you can figure it out.