Want to play Ryu mirrors with some of you guys



Alright everyone,I would really like to run some sets with any of you who are willing to play me,then have you guys point out where I need improvement.I am quickly realizing I am not very good,and I really want to change that.Just drop me a PM or leave a reply below if you want to play and when you will be able to ect ect.



Are you on psn? I’d love to play some mirrors

If any Ryu players are reading this that are on psn, I’d love to get some games in


I play on pc occasionally. My tag is in my sig


I’m on Xbox :frowning:


MiGSRK, I’m on Live. I should be able to boost your confidence as I am not good lol.


Hi guys i would like to play to my GT is my name BMCM4716 send me a msg so i know who u r


i would like to play, but im just ok. my gt is blindswordsman4


you could always fight request me if your online. I dont think the connection was that bad when we last played.


Add me Xbox Live GT : LethalBlaze K for any ryu mirror matches and I also play Seth, Oni if you want practice against them


u should have my tag by now >_>


I would love some help with my Ryu.
GT: xSquatx


hell yea i’m down to play some ryu mirrors although my ryu’s ass anyway i’m on xbl my gt is SoO AmaZYN


I love playing mirror matches. Send me an invite on Sunday if ya want.


I’m on Xbox Live as AudricVsFood

But my account expired and I’m currently playing on my girlfriend’s. It’s OmnivorousTea