Want to purchase a fight stick to customize for the first time


Hello all,

I have posted a couple times before here, love the site and the forums!!!

I am ready to purchase another stick for my xbox 360, to change the artwork and buttons. What is the difference between the Madcatz Round 2 and TE “S”? What would all of you recommend.




That should help


Thanks Russellah,

anyone else?


I agree with Russellah, the only differences are cosmetic, and no version of the TE has a clear advantage over the other.
Some of the older TEs have issues with it’s PCB, but that has been fixed.


Do you want a stick that looks like it was ripped out of a Vewlix cabinet, or do you want one that looks like a box with ugly button colours?


Last night I ordered the Marvel VS Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition for Xbox 360® from the game shark store. I think that is just like th round 2 street fighter one.


Almost identical, aside from the artwork. Everything else should be exactly the same. Essentially, after producing so many round 2 TEs, the MvC3 one was a re-skinning to be able to sell the excess. That’s what it has looked like.