Want to put on some weight

I feel that my Mad Catz SE is too light. It slides a little while I’m playing. I’m not spastic or mashing but I really want to weigh it down. Any ideas???

Tape and a bunch of pennies can work as weights. Rolls of pennies would probably be easier to work with.


I remember someone on the forums here using something similar to those.

Man, that pennies idea is pretty solid!

Yeah go to the bank and exchange a $10 for rolls of pennies. Duck tape them like suicide bomb to the sides of the stick.

Great idea with he pennies, I think I might just try it. I’ve got this old ceramic pig full of them.


hey gbonahm I just added some wight to my V3 sa I have some lead weights left over, They will fit in the se I recommend gluing them to the bottom panel. Basically Ill send you some over just pay for shipping. I believe there ingots 1.5 long and an inch deep.

I use Velcro on one of my Mayflash modded sticks but have used Wheel Weights and they work great.

Anything that can be attached to the inside of the bottom plate should work well. A trip to Home Depot is generally enough to figure out what to stick on there.


Lead Wheel Weights FTW! Mine came out perfectly.

Adhesive wheel weights are definitely a great idea.

However, I just now went ahead and did this ghetto ass penny weight mod on my Mayflash stick with $4.50 worth of pennies:

25 pennies in each taped up roll and 18 rolls total. The double sided tape I used to adhere them to the case is pretty strong, hopefully the weights don’t fall off any time soon

At 2.5 grams a penny I basically added 1125 grams, or 2.5 lbs, to stick making it weigh just as much as a Madcatz TE.

Edit: whoops my math is way off

Really like the lead weights but kind of pricey. Thanks everybody for the input.

I’m not a terrorist. I don’t even know how to begin to wrap it like a suicide bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use self-adhesive bitumen mat in my sticks when I want to add some weight to them.


I rather not handle lead. It gives you cancer.

only if you eat it

Sand bags. This one weighs 8.4lbs.

Or bags of coke to smuggle through the airport?

Segmented, adhesive hobby weights:


^^ Put 3 of those inside my HRAP2. Works great.

Here’s a stupid question, why are you guys adding the weights to the upper part of the stick? Why not the base board instead??