Want to sell mini arcade machines using this forum, what can i do?

I just want to know the rules, and how i might sell some of my mini arcade machines using this platform. It would be great if I could find more resources for the hardware going into these things. I find tons of info on here ( there is a section for custom built controllers right?), and would be looking for like minded individuals who would critique/comment on my work. I have been building them for about 3 years this Christmas. Now it is time to start focusing on selling them out on the web. I sell on eBay, but i don’t want that to be the only platform besides local available to me. shoryuken has been around forever, and i wouldn’t want to step on any toes. Even dreams of the little guys can come true. So, what say you all? (sorry for all the I’s). Lol.

well i’m certainly interested in what they look like. you might want to try Tech Talk first to get critiques from people who know this stuff inside and out and then go the the Trading section to sell them.

Please use the trading outlet section for buy/sell posts:

Here are the rules (I don’t think you have enough posts to sell here yet):

Usually a FAQ/discussion thread is permitted in tech talk as well.