Want To Start A Western New York Tourney, In Buffalo, Canada Players Invited

Im Looking To Get A Tourney Started Over Here. I Am New To This But I Have Found Numerous People Scatter Around Western New York Who Love Playing. I Want To Get Us On The Map Hopefully Come Up With A Date We Can Casual Or Hopefully If People Are Down Get A Tourney. I Also Dont Want To Discriminate What Games Can Be Played. I Am In The Process Of Recruiting Some People…any Ideas Let Me Know…

With all due respect, you’re probably better off deleting this thread until you actually have an actual plan for your tournament. Creating a thread with no details only serves to shake people’s confidence in the organizational skills of the directors and hampers attendance.

Best of luck…

I will never go to a tournament whose director types in all caps.

Thanks for your advice, i am serious though, there are enough alot of people scattered from buffalo, roc, syracuse, and ontario area to get something going and im not stopping untill i get something going, forgive me for being new to thing. Thanks, by the way green why dont you help out big shot, or are u scared to play. I will have more details as soon as i know how many people i could probably get, and im not doing to bad so far. any ways what good in toronto.

What? I did help you.

i use to live in buffalo, but i’m in pittsburgh right now but if you could get a tourny going id try to come up

this seems like a good idea. but right now casuals is about the only thing feasible right now until u can get a guage as to how much interest there is. My friends and I goto UB and we play guilty gear, cvs2, and 3rd strike. Hit me up on aim if anything.