Want to start akuma as a secondary

As the title says, i am a ryu player thats wants to get a secondary character and i really like akuma from seein guys like ed ma, infexious, momochi, etc. so i was wondering whether there are any tutorials available for learning akuma(his anti-air, how to play with him, etc). the combos moreorless i can figure out from these threads here, but im more concerned about the other stuff like the few that i mentioned above.

id really appreciate help



you’re welcome

i know its a stupid noob question, but i cant get the timing for his LK tatsu to SRK link, is there a trick to this so i know when exactly to do the SRK so it hits the guy? cause usually my SRK misses and the gues already on the ground

why you want to take akuma as your 2nd ??

When all else fails, mash it!

Before you just get the feel for it, try to perform it just as Akuma’s feet touch the ground. That’s how I first got the feel of it all down. Watch his feet closely, as soon as they make contact you should be pushing a punch button. Just do it back and forth across the screen until it feels natural.

^thanks man, how do i know if im doing it too early or too late? sometimes i shoryu and the guys on the ground, other times, nothing comes out, which means what :S

On the ground= too late, Nothing comes out= too early. As mentioned earlier practice makes perfect.

how long did it take u guys to start to get the hang of it?

It shouldn’t take too long. Probably a couple of minutes of repetitions and you’ll be pretty consistent with it.

Aye, I spent about 15 minutes getting the feel for it. I still mess it up sometimes. But there is definitely a waiting period; which I don’t like. Akuma’s combos flowed so much better in 3rd Strike, it was a little depressing heading into 4 and having to play with the awkward feel of…everything. Everything just feels weird with him =/…

I felt the same way for like a week or so, now the flow feels much better than 3S to me.

man ive been trying this tatsu-> shoryu for time now and it doesnt fuckin work all the time, what the fuck?!

im a ryu player, if any of you are familiar with his combos and his timings on his links, which would you say this link of tatsu->shoryu is closest too?i just cant seem to find the right time. its either a VERY thin margin of time i have to do it and then the tatsu->shoryu links or else i miss or whiff, and im using a 360 analog btw

and also, is this a 1 frame link?

far from it…I actually find it pretty lenient in terms of timing.

Watch the body…buffer srk motion during the lk tatus, right after it hits and the enemies body reaches the apex hit punch.

thanks man., i guess ill just practice

last question, where can i learn more about akuma? (his anti-air moves, how to play with him, etc)? and is the timing to link his tatsu to shoryu different depending on whether its feirce shoryu, light shoryu or medium?

^Wow I literally coughed and laughed. Ummmm right here in the Akuma forum taliman. Play against other akuma’s watch what they do. Truly execution practice and experience is what get’s you there though.

LOL^ thanks man, well simple enough

last question, i promoise!

is the timing to link his tatsu to shoryu different depending on whether its feirce shoryu, light shoryu or medium?

^No, also seriously when it doubt mash it out. you can do- down forward, down, down forward. mash that with any punch button and it’ll always come out.

It depends, personal pref. PRACTICE, it gets too easy, but I forget to do it alot :smile:

Not really, but the HP SRK has a larger room for error, meaning you can do it slightly early and it will hit, where as LP SRK wouldn’t even come out in that situation.