Want to take my Ryu to the next level



I’ve been playing SFIV since it came out back in 09 and still am today. Ryu and Guile are my main two I use to online, B and B+ respectively. I mostly use Ryu’s fireball game to bait people and hit them with a Shoryuken or H punch. Quite new to a lot of these techical terms I hear in tournament play too, like d.hk. Presuming that is ___ High kick? Anyways one of the biggest problems I am having is pulling off FADC. Want to perfect the FADC DP into Ultra 1 that many players use. Is there a certain timing to this? Using a PS3 pad so it’s quite awkward and I can’t get it consistent enough :frowning:


Well, you should probably try out training mode to work on your FADC’s. That’s usually the best option for practicing.


Yeah that’s what I’ve been trying but it’s really inconsistent. I mean I’m imputting the buttons the exact same everytime, just wondering is there a certain frame or rhythm to it :slight_smile:


There isn’t really a certain frame you have to hit it on, my problem is that i sometime (very rarely though) do it too early so instead of falling into the ultra they bounce off it, resulting in only one hit from the ultra. But you do have quite some time to pull the ultra off. I can’t really say how to do it on pad since i play on stick, sorry "/


The best advice I can give you is to do it gradually, so you start with shoryuken FADC and do this let’s say a week or two until you can pull this off whenever you want to. You should also be able to srk FADC when people jump at you (bear in mind you have to do the srk a bit delayed and best use the down, down-forward, down motion). Then you start doing srk FADC ultra, however, look at your input you should get two clean hadoken motions. The most important part is to do everything slowly and then speed up the better you get at doing srk FADC ultra. I’ve been playing SF4 for 1 and a half year and I must tell you that I am still having problems pulling off the srk FADC on the left side.


I’m assuming you’re fairly new to combos and everything in general. So take it slow and don’t press unnecessary buttons for example when you are going to fadc don’t press the mk and mp buttons more than once, only do the bare minimum required. A lot of people new people trying to become more hardcore players tend to mash their combos. Try to learn your combos slowly and break it down into different parts. First master the shoryuken input then the cancel of the shoryuken, after that try to add the dash after the cancel, once you got that down practice the ultra motion alone. Once you have all that down you should be able to do it and after a while it’ll become second nature.


Yeah I know most of my combos now by single motion alone. I don’t bash them but like when I input the shoryuken, how long should I delay inputting mk+mp for the focus attack?


Im kinda in the same boat as you TehGoomba. Tried to improve my game as well.


Do it instantly.


So no one else is perplexed OP has been playing SF4 for 4+ years with Ryu has doesn’t know how to FADC? lol


Yeah I remapped my FA to R1 so it’s much easier. Been doing it flawlessly now :smiley:


Haha yeah i thought the same thing, especially being B/B+ your zoning skills would have to be pretty damn godlike.


It’s just raking up wins over time though. I’m only at like 1127 BP/PP whichever that one is :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m here to improve my game with ryu as well I’m not that great when it comes to patience like i throw stupid fireballs & my opponents gets a free jump in on me however outside of that I would like to see if anybody could play with me on xbl in a 1v1 endless battle & see if you guys can help level my game up since i feel like even scrubs can beat me well add me on xbl SoO AmaZYN


where are you from, can you green bar to pa? if so, my brother and i can level you up. friend finkledoodoo…

edit: @ xbl


yes frinkle my connections good im in nyc so there shouldn’t be any kind of lag between us


well add me on xbl & maybe i can help you & vice versa my tag is SoO AmaZYN


Ive been playing Guile and Ryu as well online since 4 years by now.
Look it took me almost 1 year till I got the FADC SRK into U1 motion down so ye Im a slow learner but w/e.
Just keep training to get more consistent.
There is no special timing and I play on PS3 pad too.