Want to understand my disconnect with Arcsys games


Seriously, I just want to have a judgement free discussion about why I can’t connect with Arcsys games. I love fighting games in general, but something about Arcysys games has never resonated with me. People love revelator, but I seriously can’t stand the game too much, the creativity and stuff that people talk about make me think that I am crazy. After playing this game for a year, I don’t agree with any comments about the game being anymore creative or aesthetically better than any game on the market. I tried to give this game a chance, but I am about to retreat back into my capcom bubble, but before I peace out I want to know. What is it about my brain and perspective that makes me loathe these games?


Something you should go talk to a therapist about…


Maybe a little thing called “personal taste?”

People can dislike things that other people like, it’s not rocket science…


yeah dude, just because other people like it didn’t mean you have to. I personally love Arcsys games. I think they are very polished and well done. Maybe anime games just aren’t for you. You’ll miss out on DBFZ though. I like GGXrd because it runs on practically anything. I’m working a 3pm-11pm shift by myself right now as I type this and I’m playing it on a Microsoft Surface laptop/tablet. Pretty sweet if you ask me.


What a dumbass question.
People take their whole fucking life trying to figure out who they are, and your question is like asking other people who you are and what you like/dislike.

If you don’t know, how is anyone else supposed to know?
This goes into the same trash category as “What character should I pick?”


It’s anime


You’d really have to be more specific about your experience. The only thing I can glean from your post is that you don’t find the game to be more creative than Capcom offerings. If you compare to maybe, Marvel (marvel 3 at least, I have not played MVCi), then there is a similar amount of creativity possible between the games, maybe even more in marvel at various points in its lifetime. Compared to Street Fighter though, especially 4 and 5, I struggle to see how anyone would find them more creative than any arcsys game. Character choice might be a factor there as well though: if you’re playing Raven or Sin or something, there’s less room for creativity, but if you play a character like Slayer/May/Faust/Bedman/Millia/Venom/etc you’ve got a lot more to work with.

If you’re using Xrd as the sole representative of Arcsys/anime games and assuming they all play the same, you’re pretty off the mark though. It’s generally fair to make base comparisons between them, but they all ultimately play quite differently from each other, and each has their own subset of fans who don’t necessarily even like the other games by the same company nearly as much. I play anime games pretty much exclusively, mostly Arcsys games, and Guilty Gear has been my main game since like 2007, and even I don’t really care for Xrd that much myself mostly due to various system mechanic changes from previous games.

Ultimately people look for different things from different games. For me, Street Fighter feels too basic and limited to be fun, and Marvel is too obnoxious to be a satisfying competitive experience. Anime games generally fall somewhere between the two, and that seems to be more of the area I’m comfortable with. Yours might be different.

Also opinions are opinions, but if you don’t think GGXrd is graphically miles ahead of every other 2.5D game around I really don’t know what to tell you. I can see not liking the Xrd art style specifically, but just the technology and implementation of the graphics is pretty much unmatched right now, and Capcom especially doesn’t even seem to be trying to catch up.


OP made this idiotic thread a month ago and bounced. Probably just a salt thread.


I think with that post, the thread is over.


Bro if you don’t think GGxrd is better than SFV in just about every way imaginable (except for the fact its more difficult to pick up since the options for offense and defence are numerous) then you very well may have something wrong with your brain and I recommend you go get a cat scan or some such.


Maybe you dont like a billion flashing lights and dynamic camera angles along with some really different moveset ideas while the soundtrack is screaming at you.

Maybe you want a good old fashion beatdown.

Nothing wrong with that. I see the fun in that too.


Nothing is immune to fanboyism and over hypeness.

If you’re not satisfied with ASW fighter then explore more. their nearly thousands of fighter you can try and experiment with. And they’re available on practically all platforms.

I was in a similar boat where i try to follow the crowd and praise ASW fighter till I found other games that I could genuinely appreciate instead of follwing trend. At the same time i can also recognize what ASW games do for other and respect that.

Im not sure what your experience with ASW, but if you really want to find out what makes you dislike them then you need to do some investigation and internal searching on what you want from a fighting game.


Usually people who hate things don’t open threads asking why they hate things. I’m guessing you don’t really hate the games, only that they feel weird to you?


never resonated with me either except HNK and that was mostly because of how true it was to the anime. Arcsys games have a floatiness to them I never liked. It’s like the characters are in water. Everything feels so soft on impact too. In Turbo and 3s it feels like hits have hard impact.

The general presentation of Arcsys games is great though. Good graphics, sound effects and so on. I really wanted to like Arcsys games.


Is this thread seriously just OP discovering what an opinion is…?



Probably personal taste. I’m sticking to revelator and skipping the dbz game


Not sure how you can even get more impactful than a sidewinder


Art design wise that does has impact, maybe even more so than the games I mentioned. I think it’s a combination of speed in which characters fall and bounce, sound effects, and sometimes screen shake in a game like 3s that has the kind of weight and impact I prefer. LIke when Hugo jumps in 3s. I think it’s just preference.

Capcom has some games I don’t like similarly as far as that goes, Darkstalkers are JoJo’s are two of them although I still like the games a lot in almost every other aspect. I liked how Street Fighter EX felt.


Not many games I can think of with more “impactful” moves then GG. Fafnir is like getting hit by a mack truck, even in Block Stun.