Want to use my arcade stick on a Dreamcast

I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA for my PS3 and I am wanting to use it on a Dreamcast. The stick works perfectly on my PC and PS3 since it is USB. Anyway I am getting ready to buy a Dreamcast since it is loaded with awesome fighters and it was one of my favorite consoles I have ever owned. Anyway, is there a way to use my stick on the Dreamcast?

Remove Hori PCB and replace with MC Cthulhu. Use a PS2 cable with a PS2 to Dreamcast convertor.

Suggest gutting HRAP and replacing electronics and add a RJ-45 port to the back of your stick as in this tutorial.

Thank you sir. I was hoping there would be something easier to do such as using a converter to hook it right up. I wasn’t able to find anything searching the internet though.

For some reason, USB is usually not “convertible” for some reason.

I saw on a couple of random Dreamcast forums that the Agetec Dreamcast Stick is pretty good and cheap. I think I am going to look for one of those. It would be nice to mod my Hori to be multiple console ready but I think it is beyond my technical skill level at the moment.

Or you could just save yourself some money (if you don’t need/want MC Cthulhu-level console support) and wire up a 3rd party Dreamcast controller to the HRAP3 board since it’s common ground.

I got around this problem by wiring a DB25 switchbox into my stick case. The buttons/stick go into the switchbox, which sends the signal to either a DB25 project box port on the side of the case or a dual-modded MC Cthulhu/360 Fightstick PCB. The dual modded PCBs are connected to a Neutrik RJ45 port. For consoles that are not supported by the MC Cthulhu, I make project boxes. I made a Dreamcast project box with the PCB from an Agetec Green Goblin, after experimenting with a Dreamcast pad and finding that the triggers lagged.

I learned the hard way that you don’t want multiple cables coming out of your stick at once. You can either leave them loose, which means that they’ll tangle up (and you might fry things if you plug in two cables at once), or you can tape/tie the multiple cables together. I tied them together, and the weight of the joined cables slowly pulled the wire from the Gamecube plug when it was plugged into the top of a Wii, until the cable became useless.

For your situation, I’d recommend either an MC Cthulhu with an RJ45 port and a PSX-to-Dreamcast converter or a project box setup.

what about the vmu?

lol, or trade the HRAP3 for an HRAP2 and get a PS2 -> DC, and PS2 -> PS3 converter!

I have a VMU built into the project box with saves for all the games I’d use a stick on (with another VMU for games that use the regular controller).

This is a really good solution. If you have a dremel,a drill, and Eurostyle terminal strip replacing the Default joystick (which will probably be worn out) with a JLF, LS-32-01 or LS-56-0` will give you a very good quality stick. Crown Screw/Snap ins can be popped in amd soldered to for an acceptable substitute button if the defaults are worn out.

That is almost exactly what I did…

Did you get the idea from me? lol