Want to use my MAS on PC


So I’ve got a MAS from a few years ago with PC/DC connections.

The problem is my new computer only has USB sockets; it doesnt have any of the old ass sockets that the MAS plugs into (5 pin or ps2)

Ive tried a ps2 -> USB adapter, and a DC->USB adapter, and neither of them worked.

Has anyone managed to plug their MAS into a PC USB port?

get the pelican ps2->ps3 converter

Note that my stick has only PC/DC connections. No playstation 2 connection.

By “ps2” I mean a type of connection for plugging keyboards into PCs which just happens to be called ps2.

Buy a usb PC pad,
Hack it (or have someone else hack it)
Insert hacked pcb inside stick or plug the ps2 connector into the hacked pad and then into your usb.

Done and done.

Need pad hacking services?
You’re in the right place.



What PS/2->USB adapter did you try?

something from Dell… I cant remember exactly what it was.

I would say to try another ps/2 to usb adapter before hacking anything.

If I remember correctly MAS pc pcbs are just hacked keyboards that pass through your regular keyboard.

Dell adapters might only work for newer keyboards, you might want to try something a little older or more generic.

I’d grab a PS2 “Sharkboard.” The thing comes with a PS/2 -> USB adapter, and a USB->Xbox expansion adapter, so it’s worth it for that alone.

Plus Radio shack puts out a decent converter.

Seconded. Despite the name, this is actually a ps2 to usb converter.

he means ps2 serial. not the console

Ah. I would go out and get one of those cheapy $20 ps2 to pci cards then.