Want VF5R on Console? Then let SEGA know!

Want VF5R on Console?
Then let SEGA know!

You can provide feedback online by filling out a simple form on their Japanese website. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit http://sega.jp/opinion/
  2. The first field is your email address
  3. The second field is the subject of your message
  4. The final text area is the body of your message
  5. Click the yellow button to preview, then the second yellow button to finally submit.

Here’s a sample you can copy and paste:

Subject: Foreigners want VF5R for PS3 and XBOX360
Message: ???VF5R?PS3?XBOX360???

*post taken from VFDC with permission from Myke

I only want this game on console if Sega promise that this is really the LAST version of VF5 first, buying soon-to-be-outdated games is horrible and Sega has update the game too much.

already done , sega… give us VF5R on console…

and they BETTER put online in it this time…


If this works, I’m bothering companies to make ports forever. :rofl:

Got my vote. :tup:

i’ll let sega know for sure, but if this happens to pull through successfully then i really hope that they’ll add online play for the PS3 version

PLEASE VF5r for console

then i’ll get back in to the game (i refused to play ver C on 360)

MAn I second that shit u aint lyin dude I refuse 2 play on 360

Posted :tup: lets hope something comes out of it

But will you actually play it?


except i just typed CHING CHONG GONG WONG CHING CHONG in the message field, I’m sure they will understand since that’s how they talk

then dont bother 5 will get one more BIG revision ala final tuned and prob 2-3 small revisions to R


I just did it.

Done and done.

What are you on about? Of course I will. I dont play VF5 much nowadays cos my 360 stick is bust up…

I want it. I can worry about the consequences later.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

:lol: @ people NOT submitting because they want a perfect situation.

Did it. Same netcode as Ver C please.

Really appreciate you guys sending those emails.

Submitted for Sega’s approval.