Want2 go 2 evo next year 2 show skills

I’ve been playing this since it came out on ps2. I know how to RC, kara, rushdown, turtle, and etc. But their is just one thing i’m lacking. Good link combos to keep my opponent for retaliating to retreat. example: i played S.Akuma on full difficulty with my hopefully best team(S,K,A,C-Ken,Kyo,Iori) I start to stick and move. C. Roundhouse to S. Akuma to knock him down. Then I cross him over to start a link. I c. lk him twice then interrupted by an uppercut. I heard that the basics are just as important as zoning or anything else. But it’s not just S.Akuma it’s also against players overall. So is there something wrong? Do i need better dexterity to get better? Help me get better for the very first time I go to Evo next year.

P.S. Is this good team to use against the experts. exp. ROrtiz, JWong, Daigo,eic.)

if your just worried about links, go into training mode and practice the links until you have them down pat. If your planning on going to evo i would then suggest you go to all of the tourneys you can until that point to get as much playing in against other good players that you can.


Why wait til evo? Austin is hold a southwest regional in the jester lancave dormitory the 18-19 of September. You want to show your skillz? This will be the place to do it. If you need more info contact me on AIM at JeffHizzle.

playing against s. akuma is shit.
don’t base your game on how well you can play against cpu.
have you ever noticed that s.akuma can walk towards you, then do an INSTANT DP as soon as you do anything? this is impossible for any human. it’s total BS. or howabout when he stands there and eats a lvl.3 super for you?
no one in their right mind would do that either. my advice to you is to set the difficulty down to default. from personal experience of when i first started playing competively, and even now sometimes, i was totally scared someone would do something like an instant DP as soon as i made a move. playing against a real person is nothing like playing a CPU at all.

playing the computer sucks. unless yoiu’re practicing one frame links or RCs … it’s not gonna help you at all … any real person can learn from hist mistakes … the computer can’t … i mean i can beat the computer on max difficulty - almost perfect by just roll -> throw. now a normal person would throw me out of the roll … i suggest finding good people in the area to play against. if you’re really thinking about getting competitive … i suggest you try using either C: Blanka Sagat Honda, or A: Bison, Sak, Blanka … i hate to say it … but those 2 teams dominate this game .

thanks 4 da advice i’ve really been basing my game on how well i do on full difficulty. So I might as well go 2 dat Austin tourney with my S-groove team, and let it be known that’s it’s not the groove it’s da player

It’ll be good experience for you, this tourny won’t be no joke.

Tournament, Tournament, Tournament. Then play in more tournaments. This is all I can tell you besides not relying on using “top tier” characters, and just finding the ones you have an acutally nitch for.

Good Luck.