Wanted Arcade Stick Cases\Panels (New, Used, broken)

I’m looking to start making Custom Mounting plates for various Retail Arcade Stick and Cabinets but I need some Panels and Cases to start getting the measurements together. What I need are Plexi tops, Mounting plates and Cases. I cant afford to buy a bunch of new sticks right now so I’m looking for some inexpensive used parts or donations if you’re feeling generous.

I already have a TE stick but I don’t have any full panel plexi’s.

I’ll buy what I can but figured I might see what the community has to offer.

Shoot me an email if you want to help out voltecharcadesticks@gmail.com

Can we donate/trade-in for Voltech “Store Credits” toward a voltech stick?

^^^ i was thinking the same thing. lol i have a 2player 2L12B panel that i may be able to send out to you as i’m not using it atm. any plans of making a repro of your vewlix panel?

I second this haha

I’m willing to do something like that depending on the value of the stick or panel. Lets talk!

Actually I am looking into making a few of the Vewlix 2P panels as well as a Custom single player and other Modified versions.

All the Panels will come with an optional matching plexi and a free to download Art Template. I’m still looking for that 1/32 Impact Modified Acrylic but I am hoping maybe I can work something out with Art since he’s the go to guy for acrylic panels and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

I already ordered a V.S. and I’m dialing in my TE Panels, I still need an SE for the Mad Catz collection.

I am totally interested in a voltech joystick because I loved the VSHG. Hopefully you might be interesting for a trade. XD

Ah shit man, now you got me all wanting to buy a vewlix panel off of you before you even make it. I’ll send you a pm of what I got if you’re interested in anything.

I’m mostly interested in Retail stick panels for their measurements. I don’t really need any customs at the moment.

Yeah I got the measurements for the Vewlix Panel so hit me up.