Wanted: Dante trainer. Compensation for time and effort

I’m seeking a fellow player who would be willing to take the time to help me take my Dante to the next level. He’s my favorite character to play, but I feel like I am plateaued with him and don’t really have an idea of where to go from there. I don’t really have anyone to play with amongst my local friend group who I would feel is acceptable for getting me to the level I want to be at. Therefore, I am calling out to all you “supa pro” Dante users. I am willing to compensate you for your time and energy to train my Dante to be amazing. So if you’re in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and have access to PSN, please submit your credentials to me via this thread or PM. I will contact you to discuss terms and compensation. Thank you.

You don’t need a trainer to teach you how to play Dante. They can’t teach you experience, and they aren’t going to give you any tips you can’t find here on the Dante boards.

“I have come to discover through earnest personal experience and dedicated learning that ultimately the greatest help is self-help; that there is no other help but self-help? doing one?s best, dedicating one?s self wholeheartedly to a given task, which happens to have no end but is an ongoing process…” -Bruce Lee.

get dem credentials, yo.

Get the Strategy Guide, read it, then practice his combos, then practice his advanced (or ‘real’) combos. Then fight people and get the experience. That’s all it takes.

That’s not really all it takes, and I have to disagree that there isn’t a lot left to be desired outside of this board concerning learning Dante. However, the likelihood of finding someone in your area that will blow you out of the water is pretty low no matter where you live. You might be in luck though, I think Tenstars is from New Jersey, you might want to see if you can contact him.

One thing a personal trainer helps with is to discover personal blocks, particularly in fundamentals, that you just can’t discover on a board.

Thanks Dacid! I really respect your gameplay. Tenstars is in my area, it’s just a matter of : a) talking to him bc I gt a tad nervous around high level players (had a bad experience) and b) seeing if he’d take the time. I do however play exclusively on PSN Dacid. It would really be an honor to have you tuteledge. I can nail down some easy BnBs, but I remember you saying on IPW “theres a big difference when playing dante between doing half life combos and a combo that will kill”. I’ve been working on some harder Dante combo elements (i.e.: acid rain loops, teleport to hammer, bee hive loops) but i feel like i just can’t seem to nail it down and I don’t really have anyone who can lend me expertise.

Shine, i read dante boards a lot and watch a lot of vids about his tricks, but i’m at a block where i need something more than that i feel. I do respect your Dante play a lot however. Thanks for the Bruce Lee quote. I will still practice my Dante myself, I just would like someone to maybe help me get to the next level.

Well thank you, I’m honored you already know who I am :rofl:

Even still, I have a long way to go too. If you want, I could list all of the things I feel are most important in terms of becoming a stronger player, both concerning Dante and just in general… maybe that would help, and if you still have questions, either concerning the meaning of anything or if I left anything out you’ve been interested in, we could try to fill out the gaps? Also, if you do in fact disagree (or if anyone else does), there could be counterpoints, to present many different views.

And don’t worry about “compensation” at all, fighting games have given me far too much in return for a hobby already, just in terms of the communities I’ve been a part of and the contacts I’ve developed. I’ll gladly help as much as you want.

If you want to get started early, you can watch the videos I posted into the video thread on Nate’s channel, that’s easily the most recent footage recorded of me playing. The combos I do with Dante there are what I believe to be ideal in a number of ways; they aren’t character specific, they will kill a majority of the cast using meter built within the combo, and they are confirm-able off of almost any hit. This is what I would say is a bare minimum when trying to use Dante competitively (And that’s just for combos); past that there are likely some character specific or assist specific combos that may kill an even greater percentage of the cast that would be great to learn in times when you just can’t figure out anything else to improve on.

Thanks Dacid. It’s good to know that there are some nice people out there in the fighting game community. I’ve been on the bad end of people who are more xenophobic and won’t give you the time of day because you are new. Do you think you could give me a link to Nate’s channel? I haven’t been to it yet and don’t know where it is.

YouTube - natearistata’s Channel

Thanks, Masa. :]

But yeah, I’ll see if I can help. A bit busy right now, busy moment in school, but don’t let me forget, alright?

Ok. Sent ya a friend request on PSN.

I never use online, so that won’t really do much :v

Alright, heres some good questions i have after watching some of your vids:

  1. I notice when you launch of of prop shredder that sometimes you use j.S or hammer for your knockdown into cold barrage. Is it altitude of the launch that determines which you use during the combo?

  2. Am I seeing things correctly or can you teleport cancel after prop shredder into hammer? If so, how is this performed?

  3. Is the reasoning for using dante assist b to have an otg?

I would imagine he uses j.S if he’s near the corner to get a full corner ender instead of missing hammer/j.s after Cold Shower > Stinger. At midscreen Hammer is always better. After Prop Shredder you can super jump cancel into teleport, down down up S. You should be pressing S as the last hit of Prop Shredder connects. Not sure why he would use crystal, it could be for anti-air.

you use j.S to position yourself better with the flying screen knockdown. hammer always leaves them right below you, while j.S knocks them down a little farther. with good positioning (optional wavedashing) you can carry someone to a corner with j.S, getting you that corner ender+better pressure options.

and tbh there is no real reason to use hammer instead of j.S near corner. 4.5k dmg is not good enough to warrant the possibility of dropping the input. no matter how good your execution is, people choke/get tired.

The last hit of Prop Shredder is jump-cancellable, so you press :d::d::u::s: as it hits.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I use Crystal assist for OTG purposes and for lockdown. It has 40 active frames compared to Jam Session’s 41 active frames, so in terms of sheer lockdown ability, you aren’t giving up much.

I doubt it’s used for anti-air because it has a very slow start-up and Jam Session controls a ton of vertical space.

I guess which dante assist people use is entirely team dependant, not just based on build, but also on where dante is on the team. I typically always see jam session used when dante is in the point position, and the other two when he is elsewhere. i’m just curious to see why dacid use crystal.

I use Dante on point actually. But I would say it’s probably based mostly on team. I use Crystal so I can relaunch Hulk’s corner combo and so I could start a launch combo off Hulk’s command throw.

A real brief answer;

jS is corner only, or used after a lot of the stinger > teleport set ups.

Yes, you can hammer after prop shredder, still 50%ish on that though. I input S~H~S > down up down S (will always cross to the other side) > hammer

Crystal assist was either experimentation, specific team counter pick (It’s a really strong assist against certain projectiles, primarily beam ones, with a good read. The priority is amazing, and it allows taskmaster arrows to penetrate any beam special) or an accident (lol)