WANTED: Dj_Matrix aka Johnny Ibanez


…he’s being sarcastic. :wink:

…and KFC sucks, anyways.

Popeye’s > KFC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Church’s.


so, i’m just going to assume nobody knows his new number? :wonder:

ah, the slight glimmer of hope has now faded (again).


lol I knew he being sarcastic, I put that face there because I couldn’t believe he would make a joke like that giving the circumstances.

and yes popeye’s own’z all exept for frenchy’s.


…no frenchy’s here. :sad:


KFC>Popeyes>Churches. Last time I ate churches, I bit into a leg and grease flew in my eye. Was great :wink:


Dirty South Chicken (Popeyes) >>>>>>>>>> Kentucky Chicken (KFC)


Churchs is my person fav tbh


They got some good biscuits. That’s 'bout it. Popeyes is sooo good they run out of chicken!


Popeye’s rice is some fake ass shit. Makes me want to go to Louisiana to get some real creole chicken/rice/potatoes etc. Actually Popeye’s in general is kind of a hoax.


churchs sells pigeon


Its all bout that Bucket at KFC ya digg!!!


Bitchez don’t know about dat Roscoe’s chicken and waffles


Overrated. If you’re in that area, you gotta try Peaches fried chicken. 10x > Roscoe’s




Noticed this thread mad late. Not like it matters, fools talking about chicken. :wasted:

I’ve come to terms with the likelihood that the bunch of us that got gypped may never get compensated. Even so, I got a folder on my desktop with several screenshots of pictures he posted, some of his posts, sticks, etc. That includes the car he crashed and the license plate number on it.

He claimed he needed to get plenty of orders done to be able to fix his precious, but hasn’t been on since February. Then goes and changes his number, while simultaneously tending to a few much more recent stick orders. Unless this guy died or has been in the hospital since Feb or was captured by North Korea, I refuse to believe that work or anything else has tied him up for so long that he can’t even get on SRK and take several minutes to PM clients.

Probably have to just accept it as a scam and be done with it. But it’s not about being “wise.” I think those of us (at least 4 or 5 people) that got screwed did all we can. After an entire thread with mostly positive feedback and good credibility, we had confidence that he would do good business as he apparently did before. That’s like buying something off eBay from someone with 99% or 100% positive feedback and a lot of good comments, then getting hustled. The buyer wasn’t unwise in his decision to purchase, shit just blew up in his face. :tdown: