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We are looking PCB, PCBA distributor, importer, supplier and etc.

This company started in 2006, is a professional PCB manufacturer and supplier of PCBA,layout design,
revision optimization, components sourcing, PCBA burning process test and assembly one-stop service.
Along with the rapid development of the electronics industry, thanks to the trust of customers,
they had developed into a high precision circuit board design and manufacturing, SMT processing test
and assembly manufacturers, specializing in high-tech enterprises and research institutes abroad
to provide quality quickly shortcut PCBA one-stop service. This company has been selected as
the excellent supplier of many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. customers involved in
the industry: communications technology, medical equipment, industrial automation, instrumentation,
network monitoring equipment, electrical equipment and so on. We got ISO9001: 2000 certification,
ISO14000 certification and UL certification is on Apply. Through cooperation with customers,
we have adopted the international advanced technology and advanced management tools, our
technology represents a leap forward in the level of continuous improvement to improve their
high standards and strict requirements, the market is increasingly expand the size of the company
expanding. Capability 12000 square meters of printed circuit boards per month, nearly 20 models,
multilayer boards for more than 40%. For double sided PCB samples can be completed within 24 hours.
for 4-8layers samples,leading time 5-6 days. For production, double sided 5-7 days, 4-8 layer 10-12 days.
SMT equipment and production capacity: the Panasonic MVIIH Mounter, FV-7100 fully automatic Nissan
high-speed multifunction placement machine. AOI visual detector, BGA rework soldering station,
Automatic Reflow, Nitto automatic dual wave soldering, semi-automatic presses, vibration plate
shear pin machine, oven. Injection molding machine, dial line, data line tester, and other
auxiliary equipment, such as 6032,1206,0402, BGA, QFP, SOP, QFN, SOT and other components of
the package specification can mount. Patch 1 million points / day, plug 200,000 / day.

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