Wanted: Fat PS2 with Iffy Laser

Stay with me here…

Does anyone have an original fat PS2 with an iffy/near-dead laser that they’ll mail to me for the cost of shipping?

Mine is cursed and does not work with mojochan’s awesome Saturn to PS2 converters.

I need a system that is not mine. :lol: Mine is the last revision of the fat PS2 (50001) that came with a network adapter.

To clarify I am looking for something that is in good cosmetic shape that has trouble reading games. I would prefer it to have not been opened or mucked with. I found some on eBay where the drive cover was missing etc.

browser 1.40
cd player 2.00
playstation driver 1.11
dvd player 3.00u

I can get one locally (or eBay) if there are no takers.


Kyle, that’s more than a little bit odd of a request there! :lol:

If you have to go get an original PlayStation 2 (PS2) and not a slimline model (PSTwo), I’d suggest you try and hunt for an SCPH-3500x series PS2, since those are pretty great for homebrew material, and they’ve got older, more exploitable firmware to boot. Stuff happening with the SCPH-5000x series is pretty normal; my original ReKleSS Sega Saturn to PS1 converter had some troubles with my own SCPH-50001 PS2. The best way to go would be to go for a SCPH-3x00x series model. Better yet, why not contact mojochan and see what model of PS2 he used to test his converters with and see if there’s a way you can fix up the firmware? Toodles had troubles getting the original PS2 code working for his Universal PCB and the Multi-Console Cthulu project at first too, so if there are issues, let the developer know! :bgrin:

I have a slimline PS2 that is working. I need a fatty for HDLoader and import support (my games are legit). I talked to mojo extensively today. His SCPH-37001 works fine. He is going to do more testing once he can get his grubby hands on a 5000x. The problem is that he’s going to Japan until April and my HSS-0130 will be here in the next week or so. I was hoping to use the original Saturn PCB rather than having to mod it. On a quirky sidenote the ReKleSS converter works perfectly on my 50001.

I can get a fat PS2 locally for $50. I’ll see about getting a 35/37000 if it comes to that.

I hear you on that HDLoader bit; I’m running my own SCPH-50001 with Free MC Boot and a 500GB Seagate HDD. I never thought my copy of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core could become more awesome until I saw the instantaneous load times! Shame that I can’t back up all my PlayStation 2 games; the Xenosaga trilogy just refuses to install. :sad:

That sucks that mojochan’s going away to Japan for such a long period of time. Though, all things considered, since you’ll have to desolder the original Sega Saturn PCBs to swap out the buttons, I don’t think it’d be too bad to temporarily throw in some PS1/2 PCBs or project box the thing while you wait if it comes down to it. Definitely see if you can find a SCPH-3x00x series model, though if you’re getting it local at a pawn shop or whatever, I don’t think that would be too difficult.

Good luck with your hunt my friend! :tup:

I may just project box it now that I saw how the buttons are soldered to the PCB. It would be worth it to use it on my NES. :smile:

The good thing about the pawn shop I have in mind is that I’ve been going there for years. I’ll take a bag with my Free MC memory card, network adapter, hard drive and mojo converter. I should be able to test the entire thing before leaving the store.