Wanted: KoF XIII, newest Blazblue game and maybe Arcade Stick! [PS3!]

Found the games I was looking for.

Really just looking for a DUAL-MODDED stick. Custom or not. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you can help out. Have a healthy Paypal balance that I’d like to spend on dorky, fun stuff. Figured this would be a great place to ask at first!

Holler back!
(inner) peace

I have a mvc2 te in good shape for ps3…all sanwa parts…let me know if ur interested…Also got a few other sticks in my thread for sale…

I have a Soul Calibur 5 TE Fightstick and a few PS3 games for sale in my thread. Please take a look and let me know if youre interested.

Hey, you’re on my PSN friends list. (Tis Quicksaund)

If you get KOF, we should play. :wink:

I have an eightarc fight stick that i’m looking to sell. its the fusion so it works on everything. pst

Hey Quick! Small world, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I end up picking up KoF, I’ll definitely hit you up. You’ll beast me though. Ready for 100 salty runbacks? haha

got a sanwa fully modded tvc stick w chutlu board for ps3 if interested

@Jamesmilks - Could you send me a picture? :slight_smile: Sounds nice!

I have a dual-modded (TE Kitty) MVC2 TE up for grabs. I want to get one of the new V.S. sticks or an old VLX as a project (same situation with the “healthy PayPal balance” ;)), so this one has to go ><. It’s only been out of the box it was shipped in for almost three months now, so it’s pretty new. I’d like to keep $170 after shipping (so ~$180/shipped), but we can haggle over pricing if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

I also have a Rd 1 TE with a Cthulu (PS3 only) instead of the MadCatz pcb, which died. This stick has been through several different hands in the Idaho scene–I inherited it when I move here last August. When I got it, it had a Seimitsu stick in it and 360 artwork. I don’t know why. It’s now got a JLF, but the artwork is still 360, so instead of R1 and R2, it says RT and RB, etc. It also has a pink ball top and clown vomit buttons! (I still have all the original white parts that I can replace if you’d prefer.) I’ll go $70/shipped.

If you’re interested, I’ll get a hold of my buddy’s digital camera tonight and get some pics up. :stuck_out_tongue: