Wanted: Modder for this beast of a stick (NY area ideal)


Hey Guys

I luckily found my dream 2-player stick…a Blast City bezel / panel that’s been dual modded for use on a PS2 and Saturn. I’d like to take it further and mod it for use with the PS3 / PC as well as the xbox360.

Its big, so NYC area (where I am) makes the most sense.

Anyone up for the task??


Bump! You can pull the PS2 PCBs (and have them) to free up some room.



Why dont you use some adapters? that will be cheaper


Go to Next Level in Brooklyn and talk to Ben Fong (Networkingyuppy)


Thanks for the recommendations, fellas.



when you say someone close to NYC do you mean close enough to drive? or to ship quickly?


Ideally its closer than shipping (so I guess driving) as it would be a big pain to ship, I think.

Whereabouts are you located?