Wanted movie looks like ass...and will bomb

that is all.

I’m trying to decipher the secret message here…

I agree

Yeah this movie looks like shit, I have no idea why Hollywood is going crazy over this scot kid, looks like someone took a shovel to his fucking face.

looks nothing like eminem…

its only better when the trailer is russian



Doubled! I mean, you already break physics by CURVING A BULLET AROUND ANGELINA JOLIE’S HEAD!

ummm comics rarely follow physics

Fucking purist.
The comics weren’t even very good, what do you expect?

you dont ever hate on millar

never read the comic, but it already looks better than shoot em up.

and also, all the white guys in movies look like ass, what, you trying to fall in love with dude or something, ya’ll sound homo, says the guy with the pink av

“I was once normal like you, but then I learned I was to be inducted into a secret organization of fraternal assassin brothers who kill one to save only a thousand people. Also, I can curve bullets with my mind, which is totally possible.”

I never read the mini but the covers and the initial premise looked more badass than what I am seeing in the trailer. In fact it feels/seems like the story is basically a sort of Matrix, the world you know is shit and we’ll train you to be badass. Was the original like that or is it a bit of movie adaptation?

Either way, I agree it looks like ass and will probably bomb.

It’s predicted to catch on like 300.

I doubt that, when the 300 trailer hit at the theaters people were screaming and couldn’t stop talking about it. When I first saw the Wanted trailer everyone was pretty much laughing, one guy yelled out asking if this was another crappy Matrix flick.

It was predicted by people who have already had a screening of it.

My theater had a bunch of people going “whoa” and “holy shit” especially at the scene when Jolie is picking up the main character by swerving and opening the passenger side door.

I have yet to see a trailer and think that the movie will automatically suck, so I’m not sure where all the bandwagon hate is coming from.
It’ll be a decent campy summer popcorn movie at worst.

Between gas prices and outrageous ticket prices these days, I’m more picky about which flick I see. So far the only one’s I remember seeing are Iron Man and Hulk lol.

My list of flicks to see are Hellboy 2, Thunder w.e (Ben Stiller one), The Dark Knight, The Spirit, and Punisher: War Zone.

I just never liked Wanted, Angelina Jolie, or Mr. Thomas. I do like Morgan Freeman, but I got him covered in Dark Knight.

I saw the Hulk and Iron Man, and I’ll see Dark Knight.
Maaaaaaaybe Hellboy 2.

Matine prices are above 7 bucks here so I shudder to think what people are paying outside of Ohio.

I don’t honestly care that much about Wanted, but then again I didn’t care much about the comicbook version either.

I think my tickets are like 9.50 to 10 bucks. I go to Tinseltown though in the Woodlands, it’s classy and not ghetto by any means.

I usually just sneak food and shit in, prices on that shit is ridiculous. I was going to get a coke from a vending machine in the theater and it was $3.50 for a bottle. It was the same fucking one I could get at a gas station for a 1.29.