Wanted - november edition of Arcadia edition with SBO DVD

As above

PM Sent

Got anymore? Pm me too

ditto? if the dvd contains any footage of the tvc tourneys?

How much we talkin for this dvd? Interested

If you want the SBO DVDs for this year then you might as well get them from Amazon.JP or Play Asia when they are still available.

This is the first year that they’ve been sold with the magazine so who knows if Arcadia will keep restocking the DVDs.

wich game dvds come with each magazine?

i want GG for sure, wich issue is that?

February 2010 Issue, release date 12/30/09.

Virtua Fighter 5: Wolf, Akira, Goh
Virtua Fighter 4/EVO/FT: Wolf, Kage, Akira, Goh, Jacky
Super Turbo HD: Dictator, Hawk, Ken, Claw, Honda
Super Turbo: Dictator, O.Hawk, Ken, Ryu,
Starcraft: Terran, Protoss
Metal Gear Online 2.0: Retired

grey?s anatomy 1-5 dvd
medium seasons 1-5 dvd boxset