I hope this is the right place to be posting…

Recently, my tri-modded (PS360) Madcatz TE has stopped working. I believe it to be a wiring issue, although all the connections appear to be fine.

It’s an Xbox stick being used for a PS3. I’ve had the stick since December 2009, when I used it to play SF4 on the PC. I’ve had the mod since mid-2010 for use on PS3, and it has worked fine until now.

Holding down the Turbo button doesn’t seem to allow the PS3 to recognise it. My PC can detect the USB, but no button inputs work.

I live in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne, and am willing to take this to somebody who may be able to help out. So if there’s anybody within reasonable travelling distance, somebody/somewhere that you know can help or any past problems like this, it would be greatly appreciated if you drop that information in this thread.

Thanks in advance!

There’s a thread about this somewhere. Would’ve been able to give you a link but SRKs all changed so it no longer works.

A few people have had this problem, there was a fix available but it isn’t 100% guarenteed.

Oh, that’s a shame…

I can’t search for nuts, so if anyone is able to point me (and anyone else that may have this problem) in the right direction, that would be splendid!

I found a couple of threads detailing the same problem (Ps360 malfunction and http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/akihabarashop-jp-is-now-open/15571page-198).

While my controller won’t recognise on here, it recognises as an Xbox controller on my laptop. All the inputs are fine.

I assume I’m having the same problem as most people; it isn’t switching out from Xbox mode to PS3 mode. The strange thing is, I haven’t used it on an Xbox for over a month, maybe two. It was working fine a couple of days earlier on my PS3. Strange…