Wanted: PSN Practice Opponent

id like to practice combos and strategies against medium to high skilled players

My main characters are: akuma, zangief
In training: sagat, guile
Starting to train: blanka, chung li

My PSN name is: ChaosPro84
I currently have 2,300 battle points and over 600 ranked matches played with a 64% win rate. Id call myself better than average but im very very unskilled when it comes to any decent combos against a online opponent. Although ive played Street Figters for over a decade, ive recently gotten into frame data and advanced tactics in hopes of steadily iimproving my skills.

Id like a friendly matchup to practice these harder moves against a equally or better skilled player for the purpose of “live training” not so much “winning”

Micrphone availability is a plus!!

Im usually on mondays, tuesdays, fridays and saturdays afternoons and evenings (eastern time zone )

Thank you for your consideration

Hit me up, AWDdsm im always looking to improve my skills as well just got this game about a week ago, but have played fighting games since since sfII.

you can add me aure

Im looking to improve my Sagat as well via mirror matches. Got a tournament coming up Apr. 4 and I need to be ready.

PSN ID: darkvladimir1

I’d like to practice against you, but it seems that you are a lot better than me. If you’d like to show me some tips.

ID - Ghetto4eva.

Im happy to get so many replies quickly!

Just add me to friends and we can play whenever we are online.

Im a little busy until the weekend due to college.

If you feel you are too weak dont worry i can just pick a character im just starting to learn.

Hey, Hope it’s cool that I add you. Want to get some online practice.

ID - DeathGodThanos

Add me man I need someone other than ken to play against. LeFromage is my PSN.

I’ll play you if you like. Add away.

:xeye: Already a thread for this… dood: