Wanted: Sanwa JLW Stick\Parts


I’m looking for a specific part for the JLW but all the shops seem to be out of JLW’s so I’m turning to the community. Here’s a pic of the part I need

and the stick for reference

Just to clarify I’ll buy the whole stick if you got one or more I need 3 to be exact. These sticks normally sell for about $18 new just to set a reference point.

I live in CA so the closer the better.


How did you manage to break that?


LMFAO, I work out :wink:


Ive got a new jlw sans dustwasher. Shes yours. Pm me your address.


Bump for you.

I need a jlw actuator if you have one kind sir


I know I can get tell me the exact address of shipping the price is 28 € per piece costs included. Any questions send me a private.


Sorry WOOP I’m keeping what I got since these are hard to come by these days and I don’t have any extra parts either way.

Tato where would you be shipping from? 28 per piece, whats the conversion to USD?


28 Euros it’s $ 37.0244 dollars


Thanks =D


Hey Jesse, I got a pair the bat top and ball top… $30 for the pair of joysticks. Can probably meet up next week if you don’t find it sooner


Yeah that’s what I’m talking about! =D


voltech you just looking for loose parts or the whole joystick


I could use the extra parts cause I have a few broken ones but a full stick for the right price would not be turned away.


Tomorrow I tell you what would be the price of shipping to California from this commodity.