Wanted: SFA2 Versus Guide

Anybody got one they are selling?


Like asking if anyone wants to sell their moms bible :]

I used to see them on Ebay, but not lately. The Japanese guide is as good or better, easier to find but in Japanese obviously.

Talk to Watts I heard a while back he had a bunch of these guides. Not sure if he still has them. But that might be an option. This guide book is pure gold.

Sent a PM to Watts I hope he has a copy he’s willing to sell.

yeah I want one of these bitches 2

haha, just fyi this is the greatest strategy guide ever written and heavily edited by yours truly. unfortunately this mofo named matt taylor never paid me or anyone from so cal who did anything on this book. total jack-off, but anyways, ill look around and see if i have any somewhere. if i do i am willing to sell. going out of town this week but PM me and ill reply by next week when i get a chance to dig through some old boxes.