WANTED: Sprites for new fighting game

There’s a little fighting game team making some fighting games and it needs sprite makers. We’re still in the early stages, but we’re putting together some characters to give us a little more focus.

Spriting basically comes in two stages. First we need someone to draw the line art for the sprite, which is just an outline of the character. Second, someone takes a scan of the line art, colors it, and adds whatever spiffy shading effects. Pretty straightforward process but it does take a good artist. Actually, it takes more than one good artist because there’s LOTS of sprites in a fighting game.

Animation level? Well, it’s really up to the spriters. If the people we get can’t do SF3 animation, then obviously we can’t do SF3 animation. From the sprites I’ve done (please don’t laugh if you see them) it looks like we’re using Guilty-Gear-sized sprites.

So if you have a lot of paper and time laying around, at least give it a shot. Official forum at:

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