Wanted: Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Arcade Stick Controller

I need this controller, but i don’t want to order it i’d rather pick it up at a store. Do anybody know were i can find it(in New York)? And is it worth the buy?

any opinion will be great appreciated.
oh and heres a picture of it:

You should have posted this in tech talk at least, and Not in the fighting games section. Its ok i guess because your a noob after all.

Don’t bother wasting your time trying to find that stick in local stores. Chances are you won’t, same with a lot of stuff out there too. So whatever problems you have buying stuff online, get over it.

As for the stick: I love it because the case is nice and you can easily install real arcade parts into it. It is however kinda hard to find these days and expensive, and if you don’t want to take the time installing stuff yourself then you are better off buying something better like this:

The MAS-One of the best sticks there is.

One last thing, because i KNOW you’ll inevitably want to ask this question so i’ll answer it now: The X-Arcade sucks and you can find better sticks in the same price range or less.

An 07 calling another 07 a noob?

MAS are garbage. Pure garbage.

Sure, he is at least more of a noob than i :looney:

Also i’d think calling him a noob was nicer, instead of just calling him an idiot or something for posting this in the wrong forum.

Totally! Grab an X-Arcade instead!

noob is a stupid fucking word everytime i hear it i just picture some fat out of shape nerd with a stretched out starwars shirt spitting cheeto crumbs and saliva
"you think blank is better than blank?" lol noob

ok, ok, call me whatever you want, noob, newby its whatever. Sticks and stones…:rofl:

Thanks for the insite anyway

DreamTR is selling one somewhere on the trading forum. You should check with him. I also have one that has all happ competition parts. Might be willing to let it go for a good price though.

I’m currently selling my Happ-modded SFAC stick and I live in the NYC area. Three people have already asked about it, but if for some reason they don’t follow up on my PMs, you could be next in line. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

I also suggest picking up this stick. It’s great to mod, and it’ll tide you over until you actually get around to doing that.

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