Wanted to get some feedback Arcade Stick Design


Just designed and had these laser cut in 3mm Stainless Steel, wanted to get peoples thoughts on this, it is very heavy (over 9lb), and will fit Sanwa and Seimitsu parts. My button layout is a combination of a standard japanese arcade with a straight namco with 1cm button spacing tweaked to work with screw or snap-fit, and my joystick is 9.5cm from buttons, with lots of resting room for hands/wrists. The outer plate is 4x24mm with Neutrik terminal…

I am new here, this is my first post, I welcome your thoughts…


Looks clean but Id be scared of sharp edges with that design.


Some quick work with a file can fix all your sharp edge concerns.


I see you. Is the full case going to be stainless? Or just these panels shown?


Going to be Solid Oak,the edges are not sharp, I am looking at using 3M 1080 carbon fibre style wrap, used on cars for a stylish durable finish on the overlay, this can be heated with a hair dryer and will cover the edges. My aim was to have a panel for big hands, my Mad Catz TE always seems cramped, and have never liked the short space between the stick and the buttons. And the Auto fire is pointless on the TE, and hate the poor fixed cable and door system, this was any quality of cable can be used.


all metal imo!


I love the bare metal look, but the new Mad Max trailer just came out, so maybe i am channelling my inner road warrior.


Twisted Metal :wink:


Seeing that sexy stainless steel makes me want to see it turn into a fully slim steel case. :smiley: