Wanting to buy a fightpad for PC Version, which one?

Hey, I currently play SFIV on the keyboard and it’s pretty difficult. I bought a USB PS2 Controller and although it’s a little easier, It’s still quite difficult to use. So now I am wondering if I should buy a fightpad.
Currently there is a plain and a round two fightpad, I have no idea if this makes any difference at all. Round two is $10 more than the other one, but I assume this is because it is newer. I read the entire thread about the fightpads feedback, and there were a lot of different experiences. I’m wondering if anyone could tell me which fightpad would be less likely to have issues with the PC version and if the round two fightpads are less likely to break/have issues.

For a PC you should either get the official 360 pad or get the Sega Saturn USB pad. My personal vote is for the saturn pad. It’s cheaper and, in my opinion, a heck of a lot better.


That store claims to sell legit ones, I have no reason to doubt them. You can also find them on ebay for around $20.

Yeah the Sega SLS ones are pretty good. I have a few of them. I used to use it a lot for PCs for breaks at school and lugging a stick around with school gear was too much.

Oh sweet, hopefully it doesnt break easily though… Not really wanting to fork out $20 every couple of months to replace it :(.

What do I search for exactly to find them? USB control pad is a bit too broad, and I would like to find one to purchase in New Zealand.

I also recommend the Sega saturn pad, its the best fight pad out there.

Looked up the focalprice site, apparently it’s very unreliable. Can’t find a sega saturn pad anywhere else though :(.

I purchased some USB saturn pads from seller litianedup_wifi via Ebay, they haven’t disappointed me yet. though the ultimate thing you could do is get an original Saturn pad ( i have bought 7 already from this store http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290359958655&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_980wt_1167 ) and use a retro adapter ( http://keio.dk/retroadapter.html ) with a saturn connector for fight pad bliss.

Yeah, litianedup_wifi is where I got my first one.

BTW. I used mine for months without a single issue. In fact, it still looks brand new. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it since I upgraded to a stick though.

Why is buying a controller without a USB then buying an adapter better than buying one that has a USB in the first place? Not trying to be sarcastic, I have no idea about controllers and such.

Is is about the quality of the Controllers.

I have a Sega SLS PC USB and a Official saturn one, and as far as feel goes they are the same. As far as longevity though, I don’t know since I’ve only used the pads for a few hours since I play street fighter on stick or don’t play usually.

Just buying a USB controller seems like $20-30 whereas the Controller + Adapter is almost double the cost.

I read some on SRK that the SLS breaks quickly.
That is all I know.

There have been a lot of people who bought imitation saturn pads off of ebay. I give it a 50/50 shot that’s what happened. I stand by my SLS pad and have had no durability issues.

For what it’s worth, I really enjoy my MadCatz fightpad, both on the PC and the 360. It was well worth what I paid.

It is about quality. The SLS (I own several from way back to there original release in 2004 or whatever year it was) is very close to the original in quality but not exact. The original pads have nicer materials on the D-pad and the buttons are have a better feedback than the SLS ones. Plus the originals L and R shoulder buttons have much better microswitches than the SLS.

I say it like this, if you are a dedicated Street fighter player and want the best of the best regarding a fight pad the original Sega Saturn controller (Model 2 version) is cream of the lot. Every other fight pad made since has tried to duplicate its awesomeness but none of them have come close. Actually I would even say that Its almost up there with the pro sticks.

Ok, I’m getting really confused here. Sega SLS = Sega Saturn Controller without USB? It seems very expensive to pay $50+ for it, is it really that huge of a difference? I’m not going to be going like pro tier here, but I don’t want to find I’m unable to half my combos because of a terrible controller.

Trying to find some in the NZ/Aus region at the moment, quite hard :(.

Edit, found one on australias ebay, wondering if it really is legit?


It’s white, but says genuine. Still not sure.

SLS is the USB one.
Well it stands for Sega Logistics Service.

This USB saturn pad you linked to is a crappy bootleg, I advise you not to buy it.

Trust me on this I collect saturn pads. The SLS sega saturn pad is the USB version, This pad is of good quality if you can find a good seller ( http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll#ht_980wt_1167 ).

A genuine Sega saturn pad is of higher quality than the SLS usb but can cost more due to having to buy an adapter for use on a PC.

Saturn pads generally come in many colors including the USB versions.

Some more.