Wanting to dual mod my PS3 Joysticks

I am trying to dual mod my PS3 Street fighter 4 SE stick and my Hori Real arcade pro 3 stick.
I swear i have tried googling for tutorial’s but was not able to find a specific one for ps3 to 360 and installing the switch. It’s usually the other way around. Any and all help is needed and would be greatly appreciated. Also, i want to buy the GAMESTOP wired 360 controllers since they are the cheapest to purchase for 30$. Will this make a difference from the madcatz version or the microsoft versions? Thank’s in advance.


That one pictured isn’t the madcatz one. You want the one with the pointy hand grip tips. For dual modding you should always get a common ground PCBs. As for tutorials, I got none. Dual modding isn’t recommended as a first project. I saw a thread where somebody attempted a dual mod and really just fucked his pcbs beyond repair.

You might find a tutorial in the READ FIRST thread:

2 PCBs in one stick has some info but your specific mod will require digging. The search term you are looking for is “dual modding with DPDT switch” or something like that.

So i won’t be able to use the gamestop PCB board? It HAS to be the madcatz with the pointy hand grip tips?

I think the easiest way would be to use the Paewang Revolution PCB from etokki.com which supports PS3, PC and 360 all in one PCB. No DPDT switches required and all you have to do is hold a button (Turbo) down to switch between different systems.



I have personally help a good friend of mine build his custom fight stick with it and appears to work flawlessly between all three platforms I have mentioned. On top of the Ryan was also very helpful and prompt in returning his emails as well. Good luck.

oh man ive been waiting for something like this… anyone else had experience with it?

Many people have.
Just get it.

Already two Threads about it.