Wanting to Get into Street Fighter, which game would be recommended?


As the title says, I’m wanting to get into Street Fighter, yet, with so many games, I really don’t know where to start. What is the best game in the series? Which is the most popular amongst the community?


The current popular SF in the community would be Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012 (soon to be updated to Ultra Street Fighter IV)

There’s much debating about the “best” SF since each numbered entry in the series is its own subseries. People generally go by the classics for recommendations:

Street Fighter II:
Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting
Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Street Fighter Alpha:
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter III:
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (It’s a Good Game™)

But even then, it’s really Super Turbo and 3rd Strike that get the most tournament play out of the titles I listed.

I haven’t really been into the EX series so I can’t say anything on those


You should probably start with SF4, since it’s the newest, and the easiest to find other beginners to play against. If you like it, and you get decent at it, you can then more easily transition into some of the older games. Your join date is 3 years ago, haven’t you played the Street Fighter games before, or are you coming from Marvel?


It’s impossible to be coming from any other game besides a Capcom game. Kappa

SF4 is definitely the game most people start off with, tons of beginners, most active community, a simplistic but deep fighting game.


SFIV has the biggest following and online population (because its the most recent) but 3rd Strike in my opinion (and probably many others) is the better game, and there is still a decent community for it online and off.
Just curious when you say ‘get into’, do you mean as a casual gamer? Or are you looking to learn the ins and outs?


Since nobody is being specific, get super street fighter 4 arcade edition because that’s the version everyone plays, and if you like it, the new game, Ultra street fighter 4 will be available as a downloadable content add on for only $15 later in the year, if you wanna upgrade.

Third strike is a good game but it’s not beginner friendly and the online scene isn’t as big as some would want you to believe.I’d rank it behind both sf4 and sf2 personally in terms of fun, especially if you’re a beginner. It has the steepest learning curve in the series.

Sf2HD remix is a lot of fun and fairly easy to pick up but the online scene for it is very dry which is too bad.

Your best bet is SF4AE by far though. If you really fall in love with it then go back and check out 2 and 3 as well, they’re all great. But start with Arcade Edition. The original version of SF4 and Super SF4 are both outdated at this point and will be even moreso later in the year when Ultra becomes available.