Wanting to level up my Gouken

I’m a pretty mediocre player, I know a few tricks and such, but there is a tournament coming up that I want to actually fight in. There is supposed to be over 200 people there, and my goal for it is to win 3 games.

I have one tip that will definitely make you a better player. It is a secret technique that all the pros have mastered. It’s called “practice.”

I could practice flapping my wings for 100 years, doesn’t mean I’m going to fly. I’d like to know what I actually need to work on. I watch a bunch of youtube videos, Raunwynn, Desora, Bullcat etc, then try to emulate their combos and moves. First I have to understand how it works, and why.

Hey well I’m an okay gouken I think. We could spar it out one of these days and see where it goes. I like to reset a lot cuz its really fun lol. If you feel up to it send me a message on psn. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Might be busy for a few days. PSN: CodeVincent

Cool, I’ll send you a friend request when I get on next.