Wanting to make a stick out of 3 ring binder

So at school today I had the weirdest idea… I laid my hands down on my binder, and out of nowhere I thought “This is the perfect slope for a stick!”

So yeah, now I wanna make a stick out of a 3 ring binder (probably a 3 inch one), any ideas on what would be the easiest tool to use to cut holes into it? I was thinking to just use a razorblade but it’s probably too thick for that. =/

good luck, i think the slant is too much (im also not sure if theres enough room). Oh and the pcb be hanging out like that as well

I guess that’s a new low, instead of that cardboard box, people be using that 3 ring binder!

I’d still probably go with a drill

lulz :rofl:

i thought u where joking at first but then…

Yeah I’m sure I can find a way to fit the pcb and all in there somehow…
And lol, I’m not so sure if I should be proud or not if people start doing this instead of cardboard boxes >_>

Ey man, at least I’ll be able to use this shit. xD

I think if you want a proper slant it would have to be the 1" binder. But it would be your stick so test out each binder and see which one would be the most comfortable for you.

The only problem I have with the 1" binder is that the space inside would be too small to fit PCB, lever, and buttons (or at least I’m assuming) :confused:

Your going to tear the joystick out on your first fireball.

I think this is an awesome idea!

If you can get it to work that would be sweet. Something other than MDF is always good.

Haha thanks dude, I’ve been wanting to do a weird ass stick for the longest time.

I’ve seen computers modded into all kinds of crazy shit. (had a few friends a few years ago that were big into computer case modding.)

I’m sure you could do it.

However, i would suggest making some sort of frame on the inside and just screwing the binder into the fame. It will be far too weak if you just try to use the binder.

So what i would do is, pull the rings off the binder, and stick a strong wooden back where they were before. Then put another wooden block into where the opening would be, if you want a slight incline you will want to make it shorter than the back and cut a slant on the top. Of course after that you would add sides to it and make it sturdy. I would even suggest buying some plastic to screw on top of the wood and under the binder so that the stick can be firmly in place. The binder would be really weak and probably couldn’t hold up to the stress of use without making an inner shell first.

I do think its possible, but it would be extremely difficult. Its gonna take a lot of planning and modding experience to get it to work.

You guys think I need screw-in or snap-in buttons for this project?

i would suggest screw ins, i doubt snap-ins would work/fit well

Maybe this is a bit off topic…

Are you gonna use a normal binder or one of those 5-Star thingys with the zippers? xD

Might be handy with the pockets and such =o

Normal office binder.

5-Star Binders would be HELLA weird to make a stick out of. xD

Cool man! Looking forward to seeing a final product on these boards ^^

Good luck. Mad props oif you pull it off. I may have to top you w/ a few packs of loose-leaf paper, a couple of pencil boxes, crayons for the stick, and a ball or rubber bands for the ball.

About how long do you think it’ll take you to finish it? and what PCB are you going to use for it?


Trapper Keeper FTW

You could get a 3" and add a plastic piece to prop up the cover to the angle you need (which would also give more room for components).

I would suggest putting in spacers to get a better angle, so it wouldn’t be so steep.

Plus, you should probably add a bit of reinforcement to it, because binders can crease with not much pressure.

lol. That’s mad gangsta!