Wanting to start a fighting scene! Southern Illinois!

We don’t have a fighting scene down here. Seems all the action is up north near Chicago. I’m wanting to start a fight game group that gets together a couple times a month and hold tournaments. We’ll party with alcoholic beverages and pizza while we game. Well, that’s what I hope to do, but that depends on the members of course.

Messsage here if you want to join our group by putting down your general location and what games you would like to play. Once we get enough members, we might be able to start planning for our first meet up. Message any questions here in the thread.

Games I’m interested in playing: SSF4AE, Blazblue, and GGXX

Also, we need to come up with a name for the group. I’ll be checking this thread several times a day. No need to be shy!

How far in southern Illinois are you for I am starting a group in western Illinois if you are interested in look at us we have three members including myself. Here is are facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/419101774882224/ please check us out.

Ah, it’s too bad, it’s a three hour drive for me to get to you guys. I live over by SIUE. If we get enough members, we could combine and meet somewhere.

SIUE you say I will be in the area this weekend I have to go to the area for a different hobby I do but I can see if on friday night deepening on the time my father and I get down there meeting up you play PS3 or 360?

I will be working into Saturday morning. I play on psn and my name is baldark86. I have a couple of friends that play and we might be able to get something going this weekend. When will you be available?

Friday and Saturday night are the two time I will be free. I am leaving Sunday morning and I will busy Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night will be best for me.

I’ll talk with the other guys and see if we can get something going this weekend.

That sounds great to me but again i am really only free on Saturday night i sent you a request on PSN as well. Please let me know if we can have a plan before Friday

Darn, I got my hopes up when I saw Southern Illinois. Edwardsville is still too far for me. I used to live in Harrisburg, when I’m back, I’m in Ridgway, and I have 2-4 other players in Ridgway of different levels of seriousness.

@Baldark Hey due to the fact that we are only getting like one word in a day I will PM you my email and phone number so we can get the details of this weekend sorted out

Ah, that’s too bad. I just popped that into google maps and saw it was one hell of a drive too. Who knows, if we keep at it, we can start a FGC down here. Even if we all just meet a weekend a month or something like that.

I’m still checking this thread every few days. Don’t think it is dead!

I never thought so.

If I can get my friends to get on here, I’ll point them in this direction. One guys getting pretty serious (Serious enough that he stopped using my loaned stick and bought his own)

Should get them on here so we can get a head count on how many people are willing to have a meet up.

If not a meet up, at least we can all get on psn and have a planned online tournament.

I live on campus at siue, can’t seem to find anyone who plays around here. I only have PC version though, so we would have to play offline sometime.

I live in Carbondale and am very interested in finding ppl that want to play offline casuals.
I play on xbox and psn.

Ah, I live near New Baden, IL now. We should set a time where we can play together online sometime.