Wanting to Trade CE C.viper Figure for Ryu. Anyone?

if anyone wants to trade the Ryu from PS3 when it comes out for C.viper let me know cause i rather have Ryu then C.Viper(and no im notgonan buy the PS3 version) lol

is anyone is from Toronto or Mississauga area ill gladly make the trip to you and trade by person.

I think you might have better luck buying the PS3 CE and then trading just the game for a X360 version. Having the anime on BD is better than the X360-only DVD gamedisc anyway.

but then i cant use the tokens for the alt costumes

haha i want to do this also.

Well, Ryu is definitely a much more popular character than C. Viper is, so I really doubt you’d have too much luck with that trade. But if you’re adamant, then I guess the only thing I can say is good luck.

just buy both versions like me :smiley:

I hate shotos (all of them lol) but I already have someone to trade my Ryu figure with, good luck finding someone else willing to trade.

id trade considering i dont care about the figures, but im getting the xbox 360 version too …

good luck …

on another note… anyone wanna sell theyre blu ray ?