Wanting to Try out Dormammu need advice on Dorm team

Ok so I plan on putting a 2nd team involving Dorm on point and I want to have it be Dorm, Ammy, Vergil. Now w/ Vergil I know I want to have rapid slash to push them back and possibly use it in combos. Now I have a question, should I use cold star w/ ammy or Bloom. Which assist would benefit dorm more? Also with dorm i’m going to choose liberation assist because i want access to the stalking fire super as a team hyper combo w/ ammy which is near instant when used for that purpose. Also I feel like w/ that assist if I charge of 3 PoC and if i tag dorm out and get my opponent in a combo w/ ammy or vergil i can use that move to get them stuck on the ground and go for high/low mixups w/ ammy & vergil but mainly for ammy.

Also are there any good frame traps to use w/ dorm? Would one be involved using standing H and/or flame carpet when performing ground magic series? And what are good blockstrings to use when my opponent is blocking. I know to never finish w/ standing S when they block everything due to it being -9 on block and very unsafe.

Based on the guide, should I cancel all my blockstrings into flame carpet? Also should i mix that up by also using dark hole up close and purification on block? Also what if i cancel blockstrings into fly followed by S for a high mixup or is that too obvious.

Thanks for reading this rather lengthy post. I’m looking to have a backup team aside from my Zero, Ammy, Phoenix team :slight_smile:
Also kind of want to play this team a mix of zoning/keepaway (w/ dorm) as well as rushdown w/ Ammy & Vergil. Much advice would be greatful. Thanks for reading this.

Liberation is good, but it’s somewhat impractical since you actually have to find good times to charge. Sometimes, you might not have time to charge up Spells.

Dorm doesn’t have any good frame traps, if you ask me. He doesn’t strike me as that type of character. The best block-string would be to end your chain into Dark Matter canceled into Dark Hole (be sure you use the correct version to hit your opponent), since it leaves you at +7 frame advantage.

In this case I would actually say Bloom isn’t too bad for you team as Dorm and Vergil are meter hungry but Cold Star is an amazing assist to pass up, especially since it allows you to apply a lot of pressure with either Vergil or Dorm. I would think Vergil (R.Slash) / Dorm (Hole) / Ammy (Bloom) might be acceptable if you figure out how to play it right.

I’ve tried using Liberation as an assist and it’s just too much investment for a one shot deal. If you have Vergil out there backed by Bloom and Liberation (or even worse, just bloom), he’ll get obliterated as your opponent won’t have to respect anything and can go full out offense on you. Plus that is a waste of a teleport character because you won’t have a safe means of crossing them up. The best assists fill multiple roles (i.e. help with cross-ups, zoning, combos) and Liberation doesn’t do that. The only times I’ve seen it used really effectively is if you can DHC into Dorm Stalking Flare from a Hyper that knocks the opponent really high in the area and has the opponent come all the way down (C.Viper Burst Time for example). This gives you enough time to charge up your spells and then tag Viper back in but even then, for a one shot deal, that’s a lot of meter to burn. Hole is a great assist and Tower can be pretty useful in the right situations. To pick an assist solely for a Team Hyper (which realistically you’ll only do maybe once a match since that’s a lot of meter to burn on top of meter hungry characters) and one shot deals just doesn’t seem like a very optimal strategy.

Generally, the Liberation strategy I’ve seen is Trish (Peekaboo) / Dorm (Liberation) / Morrigan (Meter) [aka run like hell]. Trish run-away while calling Morrigan to build meter. End combos with Boomerang Hyper and DHC into Flare since Boomerang takes them upwards, stock up on powers and and tag back into Trish. Rinse and repeat or throw in some astral vision to make someone very frustrated. However, you have to careful with you meter usage and realize that this team has no real comeback factor.

Dorm doesn’t have true frame traps and his rush down is solely based on teleport mixups w. assists, tri-dash j.:l: to cr.:l:, sj xx dash :h: or :s: and cutting of ground with flame carpet. Don’t get me wrong, what he has for rush down is amazing, but it’s based on overwhelming your opponent, not tricking them. I would watch some MastaCJ videos if you want to see how to rush with Dorm properly. Hole :l: or Flame carpet are generally the ways you should end block strings as both are plus on block.


Dorm’s flight isn’t useful for mid-string pressure as it is way too slow. Flame carpet pushes your opponent back, giving you breathing room. If you are Dorm, you want to have about 2-3 character lengths at all times since his normals are very slow and rely on the hitboxes being away from his hurtboxes.

No problem! Good luck!

Oh yeah, Dorm does have a block-string. Basically, it’s cr. L, st. H, f + H. Cancel the f + H into a Dark Hole for frame advantage.

If you use tridash j.H or j.S and the opponent blocks it, you can go straight into the block-string.