War Machine Air to grounds

yea i was bored so me and my friend snake put together a short of like 2 air to grounds with war machine. just thought we’d put up something different that we dont see to often well here ya have it my 1 minute war machine. Enjoy!

Good shit man.

Can you answer some questions for me?

1)What’s the pros and cons of wm compared to Iron man?

2)Who has the better assist?

3)Do u think Wm is just as good as iron man?If not,why?

Please answer my questions, since no one even bothers to post anything in the wm section anymore.Thanks for your time.

Heres a short list for now ill give more details later.

**A)**Solar canons better chip than uni-beam and they are safer(plus high/low versions)
**B)**air dash is faster making it easier to get into cables and such.
**C)**WM has two supers which are both linkable from infinite as compared to iron mans 1 super.
**D)**WM can connect smart bombs in air combos giving you time to combo more.
**E)**WM can do basically every infinite iron man can.
**F)**WM closes his normals plus supers off safer than IM

**A)**His startup on normals and supers suck as to where Iron mans are faster
**B)**WM’s standing roundhouse doesnt have the same priority as iron mans.
**C)**His damage is a bit weaker than iron mans.
**D)**His flight mode is a bit quirky so its harder to do combos.
**E)**his limbs in the air are slower than iron mans.

better assist IMO would be IM because of its range and time on screen. WM repulsar assist is great for mags tho. c.lk+repulsar,c.lkXXunmashable tempest.
its up for grabs whos better depending on what team you use it for. WM is faster but IM repulsar stays on for much longer and hurts a whole lot.

I think WM is as good as IM if not theoretically hes a better character because of his supers and chip game giving him more options. But the harsh reality is that Iron man is cheaper because of his priority on his limbs and his easy bake oven combos. I prefer IM but i think War Machine is just as good he just takes some more work and execution than Iron man.

Nice, nice! Thank you for answering my questions.

Yo j360 that was a clean vid. how often do you play with WM? R U Going 2 evo this year? if so i wanna play your Wm :wgrin:

yea im goin to evo this year and i play wm teams like wm/storm/sent , wm/cable/sent and wm/im/sent. do you play him as well?

Fo sho! yeah i play WM, i been playing him alot lately. tha man is a sleeper:wgrin:

nice vid.

I’ve been messing around with a wm, sent, bh aaa, team…not the best team, just to fool around.

random ish: WM on point: anything > infintite > to corner, s.fk xx THC, pause, j.lp, j.lp, j.lk, j.u+fp, repeat infinite.

works because BH THC doesnt cause FS.

there’s a lot of tricky things you can do with BH and a THC

j360 and snake,nice nice nice vids…imma upload my wm vid on youtube and let you guys see my sick combos j360 u have inspired me to get back on my wm

why thank you =D

n e day i as soon as i edit this it’ll be up u guys

I am a war machine noob, anyways, i read ur post and i have some quesitons. I know u have alot of secrets that u dont just want to give away over the internet so if u dont want to elaborate or if u jsut want to say yes or no than that is fine.

  1. what do u mean when u say his solar cannons have high low variations, in training mode, lp and hp version both seem to go high?

  2. I can get his smart bombs to combo but is it possible to combo after they hit, like launch, sj.lk, sj.U+HP, Smart bombs, dash, sj.lk, sj.U+HP or something like that?

  3. And about the assists, i noticed ironman’s has more range in the sense, if u call him he will stand closer to the enemy character, but i noticed the damge to be the same [3 hits 36 samges]? I started fooling around with war machine becuz his assist is faster and i kinda like it, (not saying its better or anything)

Also can he do re-fly comboes?
Also, in regards to ironman, i find it easier doing solo infinite setups with war machine easier, is this becuz it actually is easier to do it with war machine or am i just not doing it properly with ironman?


  1. War Machine can do crouching shoulder cannons on the ground if you do a fireball motion and any kick.
  2. Yes you can combo after smart bombs hit depending on when you throw them out and how high you have them when you do the smart bombs, comboing after them is weird so i believe its situational.
  3. Both have the same damage with the repulsars, its just that they serve two different purposes, IM is for good ground control seeing as how he stays out longer and reaches farther out as while WM comes out faster and leaves faster, better for close range damage.

Yes WM can do refly combos, they are much harder and the reason you find the wm one easier could just be that his dash accomodates your dashing method better than iron mans seeing as how WM has faster dashes all around but has slower limbs.

OK WM assist question - I’m messing a bit with Ruby/WM/IM

I’ve noticed that WM proj assist is kinda like mag proj (although mag proj can hit higher in the air?) - so can IM use WM proj with Unfly to bring someone down into the infinite?

so IM and WM AAA take same damage?? i thought war machines took about 15 points less then IM??

Slightly off topic but I don’t want to start a new post.

Anybody else use WM’s taunt to kill the lag off the tail end of cr.MK/cr.HK? It’s useful when doing block strings since the recovery on those normals is dumb-long.

You can dash in cr.LK,cr.MK xx taunt, then relayer faster than just waiting out the delay. If you cancel it the instant that it hits you get decent stun and faster recovery. I guess it would be most useful with Tron or Doom to maximize stun. Kinda fucked there’s a few taunts that are mildly to very useful.

I cant really play IM/WM yet but I’m learning some semi-broke fun stuff just off of this wackiness.

Pointless but you can also make cr. HP laser hit only once when you xx Taunt.

thats useful, its funny too because i was messing around with taunt canceling with other characters but i never bothered with wm, gotta test it out, you might have just made WM a lil better then he already is. that would be elminating one of his biggest flaws

Edit: wow his taunt is quite possibly the fastest ive seen yet. i was practicing random things like taunt cancel RH into cross ups. I tried the same with IM and he talks too much shit while taunting so its not useful at all with him. Im going to look into this further to see whether or not taunt canceling will improve his movements on the ground without having to fly cancel. Good find EC

Also does the taunt affect push blocking in anyway?

I was wondering about pushblock too, not too sure. His taunt is fastest iirc-- i went through everybody the other day. The only people with useful taunt cancel shite i’ve found are Gief and Spiral. Rogue and Psy are worth mentioning b/c their taunts hit.

If you have any fun stuff with taunt cancels hit me up on aim-- same sn on there, and I’ll share what i got. I want to make a video with a lot of semi-useful, semi-bogus marvel-isms, maybe we can team up.