War of Kings


I decided to create a thread since the preview of WOK is here and today is the day of it’s release. DnA wont fail in this cosmic epic. Im glad that Black Bolt decided not to sit on his ass anymore and do something. Who knows the Inhumans may get an ongoing out of this. It worked for Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy so far.


November 2008:
Guardians of the Galaxy #7

December 2008:
Guardians of the Galaxy #8
X-Men: Kingbreaker #1

January 2009:
Secret Invasion: War of Kings One-Shot #1
Guardians of the Galaxy #9
X-Men: Kingbreaker #2

February 2009:
Guardians of the Galaxy #10
War of Kings: Darkhawk #1
X-Men: Kingbreaker #3
Marvel Spotlight: War of Kings

March 2009:
War of Kings #1
Nova #23
War of Kings: Darkhawk #2
X-Men: Kingbreaker #4

April 2009:
War of Kings #2
Guardians of the Galaxy #13
Nova #24
War of Kings: Ascension #1

May 2009:
War of Kings #3
Guardians of the Galaxy #14
Nova #25
Nova #26
War of Kings: Ascension #2
War of Kings: Warriors #1

June 2009:
War of Kings #4
Guardians of the Galaxy #15
Nova #27
War of Kings: Ascension #3
War of Kings: Warriors #2

July 2009:
War of Kings #5
Guardians of the Galaxy #16
Nova #28
War of Kings: Ascension #4
War of Kings: Warriors #3

August 2009:
War of Kings #6
Guardians of the Galaxy #17
Nova #29
War of Kings: Warriors #4


Vulcan is my boy…he better wreck shop


X-Men Kingbreaker has been really good so far. :nunchuck:


can someone explain to me the whole vulcan saga? i know he’s a summers boy but wtf… he’s ruling the shi’ar?

i stopped reading comics during the late 90’s and just got back into it for the civil war…

i love medusa…so hot


I hate to pull the laziness card here but I’m not sure how to sum everything up to someone who hasn’t read comics in close to a decade in a few sentences. Other than saying VULCAN RLZ!!! There’s no Marvel.com entry for Vulcan so…


yep Vulcan is a serious nutjob but good for the marvel universe. The one thing i dont like is that every uberpowered character in the MU is always some whining nutjob. :rofl: Black Bolt need to lay the smackdown on Vulcan show him who’s boss.


I wouldn’t be so sure to call Vulcan uberpowered. I mean shit, Havok had Vulcan crying “Uncle” at the end of Emperor Vulcan.


vulcan is gonna get his ass handed to him. crystal is pissed. she’s likely to do something VERY reckless


Is it me or the reason you guys like Vulcan a lot is cuz Brubaker integrated him into the Marvel U.?
Either way, Vulcan did a BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD move ticking off Black Bolt, he be getting a whoopin’ soon.


I just reread Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire a few days ago. Loved it even more than the first time I read it. More proof than ever that the TRADE, BABY always makes more sense than the serialization.


Rise and Fall was great…too bad Bru didn’t stay in space as the next arc was pretty crappy and definitely overshadowed by Mike Carey’s superb work


You could tell thought after Rise and Fall, Bru’s heart wasn’t into a lot of his X-Men stories. Some of them like bits of Messiah Complex and parts of “Divided We Stand” arc, you could tell he was interested, but much of Bru’s X-Men work wasn’t really Brubaker at even half of his writing strength.

Either way, hail to the king…

…King Blackbolt.


True but at the same time when has any of the summers/grey clan havent been or close to the top of the chain among mutants?

The one thing i dont like about the cosmic books is that each villian for some reason want to invade earth inspite the fact that many species were affected by the annihilation wave and struggling right now.


Hail indeed :nunchuck:


These Brandon Peterson covers look damn good.

I know he was in a transition period before where it looked like he was using Poser3D too much (I’m looking at you Greg Horn!). I don’t know if he’s tracing these but they actually look cohesive and organic compared to his work a few years ago and miles away from his Jim Lee clone days.


Vulcan is cool, but it is pretty obvious that Vulcan cant win or he would consume the whole marvel universe. I like the story so far though since it is black bolt that started the war in the first place. I think Vulcan should try and get darwin back. I hope I see something more than the obvious in this title.


Darkhawk is pretty cool, i was wondering how they were going to do him


Boring. Annihilation was pretty cool but now Marvel’s flooding the market with these cosmic storylines but what else is new? That’s what Marvel does best.


Skimmed through WoK: Ascension, the scene at the end was actually pretty cool. I could “hear” the crazy in old boy’s rant.

Damn matrix is bringing his brand of hating into the comic forums now. :shake:

Given all the crossovers and events that the mainstream MU consistently has, it isn’t bad to throw a cosmic event out there once in a while to shake things up. And while admittedly, this seems a slower and smaller in scale compared Annihilation or even Conquest, there is plenty to like from what I have seen of WoKs.

I am guessing though most of the real grit action will take place in the tie in books.


I’m still somewhat pissed at Annihilation’s ending…they could have easily tied it in with Civil War and thus ending it that way. All in all, WoK is looking pretty nice so far. I love how they’re making Vulcan look more and more like Julius Caesar. I just want to see Ronan kick some ass.