War3 Avatar


Hey can anyone make me a WarCraft III Avatar? It’s for another forum, my clans actually. Please, it’s really important.

I need it to say xAkron and it has to be within the limits of 120x120. Thanks!




fine i’ll do it. i think you messaged me about this a while ago, i dunno nothing about warcraft3 so give me some suggestions of what you want on it… but nothing too extreme

it might take about 3 days because iam extremely busy at this moment. btw what is the file limit.


He’s a junior member,it shouldn’t be anymore then 20k gigz.


it’s for another forum


Oh didn’t notice,my bad,carry on.


tonbarry, you just got SERVEDDDDD!!!



gigs? god damn.


Haha yeah i did…umm where’s my coffe i orderd?Opps sorry didn’t see the gigz part.

I’m lost today.