Warcraft Avatar Request

Would sum1 like to make me an avy with an Orc on it… As long as it looks sweet it doesnt matter what styles are used. But i would like it black and dark red with the name “Regent” in rough text format

Hows this:



wow thanks thats hot and pretty quick haha thx dude
if ur not busy can u make sumthing like that but 80pixels by 80pixels and the size cant be greater than 6kb like it doesnt have to be exact just dont be over… and this site is asking for link to off-site Avatar… and i dunno how to do that… can u do that for me or tell me how?? thx a lot again ur fucking wicked dude


…thats a bit pushing it

EDIT: Here try this


lol i never knew how big that was… but i wasnt asking for it to be that big… just dont go over that lol… well thx a bunch u too can the first avvy dude make a animated one? cause props ur first avvy was hot shit

6KB is too small, not too big dude.
And you want an animated AV too, you are asking too much for only 6KB

Sry bud, if you dont like the one I made, than there is nothing I can do

I don’t think I can animate a 6kb av, its to small, besides the one Sahao made for you is killer.
Nice job Sahao. :tup:

Oh… i c lol i thought u guys are saying thats too big… shit sorry