Warcraft movie Teaser


Never been a WoW fan, but I gotta say this looks pretty cool.
Let’s see how it turns out.



Meh. Looks ok


Also not a WoW fan.
But I am a Warcraft fan!


looks every other fantasy movie of the 21st century

[details=Spoiler]They all sucked! Ha!


Except LoTR2, that shit was pretty dope[/details]


This’ll be kool. Looks to be like a lot of action, so i can dig it.


It will be generic, humans good orcs bad story since it has been hollywoodized.


This shit looks exactly like the game. Why do I need to see it when I can play it?


This has better graphics.


Blizzard must be desperate to try to get its numbers up to dabble into movies.
And nothing brings in a new batch of customers (suckers) then a fresh new movie.