Warframe: Free to play, Steam/PS4, PvE mission-based 3ps, outer space robot ninjas


This has pretty much been my gaming crack for the past week.

At a glance? Team up, kill stuff in third person shooter mode, farm stuff, kill better. Go fast, or sit inside an impregnable I’ve enjoyed PSO and Borderlands in the past, and I’m really liking this one.
Plus it’s free to play, and it’s not pay to win. It is pay to win faster, to a degree, but the end game content (still in “open beta” and has tweaks regularly) isn’t fleshed out yet so there isn’t a real need.

You play as one of the Tenno, an old warrior civilization that has begun to wake up from cryo stasis into a galaxy of war.

The suit thing is a Warframe. There are currently slightly over twenty. You start out with one of three, and every Warframe has its unique skills and in general have varying health/shield/armor numbers.

For more lore: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Factions
Grineer = armored aliens
Corpus = shielded robotics
Infested = zombified-ish aliens

Gameplay: While watching a video or stream is probably a better idea than reading this, I felt like writing up a decent amount so here we go.

Gameplay is split into two parts: doing a mission, and being in menus.

The galaxy/main menu lets you choose a planet and then a mission node on that planet if you have it unlocked.
The game will try to matchmake for you which is great, and makes it much less of a hassle to team up than in PSO2 or Borderlands 2. This emphasis on teams is pretty cool imo.

Doing a mission involves the third person shooter, with GREAT mobility, killing enemies, leveling up your gear, and generally trying to complete the objective and/or farm for items and in game credits. When you beat a mission for the first time, you unlock new mission nodes.
As you level up your gear and beat mission nodes for the first time, your overall “mastery rank” exp increases. Getting to the next mastery rank involves a quick test involving one of the gameplay mechanics (i.e. kill all these enemies with your primary weapon, but it even goes over mobility like shooting at targets while wallrunning when you get to rank 8) and allows you to unlock more things to buy in the Market menu (more below).

You use the items/credits in the menus (admittedly, the current UI is bad. But it is manageable). Items are either resources you pick up within missions to craft other gear (more on this in a bit), or Modules, which are card-lookin things that can be placed into Warframes/weapons to boost their abilities in one way or another. When you start out with new weapons, you won’t be able to fit many mods in. Leveling up the gear increases their mod capacity. Modules can also be leveled by “fusing” them with one another (you just feed mods to the mod you wanna level basically, it’s pretty simple) up to improve their stat-improving ability, but then they cost more mod capacity.

In game Credits are used in the Market menu, which lets you buy blueprints of gear. You then use those blueprints in the Foundry menu, where if you have enough stuff, you can build the things! The kicker here is that it usually takes anywhere from 12 hours (weapons) to 72 hours (Warframes) of REAL TIME to complete.

It’s a free to play after all! You can “rush” things with the “real money” currency: Platinum, but you probably shouldn’t do that if you’re looking to avoid spending on this game, which you totally can! It also gives you a sort of goal to work to, then you get to take a break for the day.

Platinum: you only start with 50 and you have to buy any additional Platinum with real money or trade Mods (and specific other gear) for Platinum with other players. If you’re not going to spend money on this game, I definitely recommend saving this for when you need more Warframe slots (20 plat) or Weapon slots (12 plat). Otherwise you will quickly cycle through weaker weapons as you want to sell the starters as soon as you level them to 30 (max rank) and get new stuff!

Despite all this, I feel like this is one of my favorite games already. I’m loving the movement options (wallrunning, run-jump-air slide-air melee which with certain weapons propels very far, and more). I’m liking the progress I’m actually making when grinding, which is nice. The multiple game types and alert system keeps my interest too :slight_smile:

-end introduction-

There’s quite a bit more to the game (Keys, Clan, etc.) but that isn’t too necessary to just get started.
I’m considering making a short ish guide for newer players for that kind of info after they do get started though, as there is quite a lot to learn (and I enjoy that lol)!

Here’s my referral link if you feel like signing up while simultaneously starting with an “affinity booster” that levels up your gear faster and helping me out if you do 10 missions,

Otherwise, https://warframe.com/signup

My in game name is delephantz on Steam. :slight_smile: send me a friend request or somethin.

ninjas in outer spaaaaaaaaaaaace


Been addicted to this game for a week or so, Im on ps4 tho :frowning:


im on ps4 also and about to start getting on this game more


I like Warframe quite a bit. I just hate that crafting stuff can take days unless you spend platinum. They basically take advantage of impatient people, but fortunately I’m not like that. Recently, I made a Hind rifle. I’m a fan of burst-fire weapons. I hear the Burston Prime is very good.

I need to get better at the solo missions. Anyone have tips? What’s a good frame for solo missions? I only have Loki and Trinity. I really want the Nekros frame.


the struggle in solo is that since the enemies only have one target, you’re taking more damage from gunfire and more importantly, your shield has less chances to recharge than if you were playing in a group. if you take too much damage you lose health and that is unrecoverable outside of health orbs / equilibrium energy orbs / rejuvenation aura which are all not too good outside of equilibrium. Trinity/Nekros/Oberon seem that they can heal health more reliably so they’re probably fine. Rhino has iron skin which tanks a good deal of damage. Loki has stealth to help recharge shields. Those are probably decent frames for solo.

You’re also going to want the sentinel Shade with a high level Ghost as a precept in the first slot, for more stealth.

I think that the time used to craft is clever. It preys on impatient people to spend $$$ on the game, but at the same time it lets you pace yourself through days playing the game.


Yeah I been playing this while I wait for some good shit to come out for ps4
Been farming/grinding for weeks and just trying to make my nova as broken as possible
I need a better primary weapon though I got a good melee weapon but sniper weapons are kinda eh in this game


for primaries the 2 best weapons are probably the soma and the penta (for crowd damage). nova probably prefers the soma, since she can molecular prime to crowd control.


SooperCam on Steam If there’s a whole group of PC players that wanna get down I’d definitely reinstall this. I just hate soloing or playing with random’s on Co-op games only reason I haven’t been on it.


I’ve been a little burned out because I played so much at once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Cosmo_G_Spacely if anyone wants to play on ps4


I been on this game like crack for the past month. finally got my Synapse done!!! I play on PS4



okay, rhino is definitely the best solo frame. just played him a bit today, a rank 6 with a good enough weapon and the right mods can easily solo most missions. my other frames all run a bigger risk of dying if solo.


Just youtubed that Synapse rifle you talked about Ken…i need that in my life. Need to work on my dojo first though.

yea i heard rhino is the best solo frame till you get to higher levels.

I put my money on Nyx if you got the right mods tbh.


synapse has been nerfed from previous strength. the best overall gun still dat soma, but my favorite is the penta.


Out of all the frames rhino definitely has the best chance to go solo though I’m not sure why you would like to go solo. the game is a lot more fun with co op and understanding roles in the field especially with randoms to coordidinate.

I wish you could gain mastery points when you use forma on your warframe though. I have used forma to re level up my nova 3 times over. Sucks cause better weapons don’t come till higher levels meaning you have to use other warframes to get up there with ease.

Oh and stug is my favorite secondary.


i’m just trying to clear out mission nodes, and they don’t have people queuing up to play them usually. don’t feel like recruiting people just to play random missions that i can solo in a few mins anyway.


actually synapse still out dpses the soma, they recently did some dps test. top 3 DPS rifles are Synapse, Soma, and i think Supra. the only downfall of synapse is the range. I personally prefer the soma just off that alone. I have both and soma is my go to weapon for sure, but i cant deny the synapse’s strength.


ah i see. i read recently that the way continuous firing weapons do damage made it worse because it dealt the damage in bigger chunks less rapidly, but i didn’t know about the overall dps.

this is with the nerf to uh… its electric damage or something? i completely forgot :x