Warhawk Clan

Who’s down to create the SRK Warhawk clan?


Post your PSN in this thread if you want an invite… or if it’s in your profile already, just post here that you’d like one

I’d be willing to represent SRK in the world of warhawk.

eh, id prolly be willing to join a non srk clan…

do you guys play alot? im sadly only on some late nights and sundays right now…

GShep is my handle for it

Yo <filler>

so i just downloaded warhawk last night
and its pretty dam great

i dont like the h2h combat
just the dogfights
i was at it for hours

we should have sessions with just srk members

add meeee


though i may change it to:

srk shoo or
shoo srk

Same. I looooove dogfights (not in a Michael Vick kinda way).

heh heh heh


eppie lets go one on one tonight

(no homo)

I’m down, I usually just play games on the official servers. But PSN nametag is under the AV


Yes, I too only play dogfights… (if I can avoid non-dogfight servers)

Invites sent… Deism your username says it doesn’t exist

I’m down for a clan.

I didn’t receive an invite last I checked. I don’t play alot these days, but more members can’t really hurt? My KDR is over 9000… err 2.

I sent you one, it probably expired. I’m barely playing nowadays too.

yea i finally played this weekend after about 2 weeks lol…

the game has so many cheap tactics that i love doing… i get such a great laugh out of the game, i love it

Sure. I’ll play with you guys. I guess I need to download Omega Dawn, though.

aadd me people

I just got it. Does anyone play anymore?